Kazuyuki Fujita To Challenge For GHC Heavyweight Championship

Fujita GHC Heavyweight

To climax the COVID-19 affected Bumper Crop show, the main event’s victor was met by his new challenger. Following the hard-hitting clash between Katsuhiko Nakajima and his former Aggression ally, Masa Kitamiya, the GHC Heavyweight Champion Nakajima was stunned by the appearance of Kazuyuki Fujita.

The famed, Ol’ Ironhead wandered down to the ring wearing solely a pair of jeans to challenge the still reigning champion. With his bulky, imposing physique clear for all to see, Kazuyuki Fujita spoke no words. He barely even glanced at Nakajima, but instead fixed his eyes piercingly on the prized GHC Heavyweight Championship, which Nakajima held aloft.

A man of action. Not words.

Kazuyuki Fujita Will Challenge Nakajima For The GHC Heavyweight Championship

Fujita is one of the most intimidating men in professional wrestling. A 3-time former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and more recently a GHC National Champion in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Regarded as the Last Disciple of Inokiism, Fujita brings an impressive, hard-hitting style that poses a beautifully violent equation for February 23rd in Nagoya, when he faces off against the king of striking, Katsuhiko Nakajima.

Seemingly transfixed with the GHC Heavyweight title, Fujita made it obvious to everyone that he would be the next in line to challenge the seemingly unimpeachable Nakajima.

In their ever-first singles outing, Nakajima will have a real challenge to keep his most prized possession next to his name. As only last year Fujita defeated the KONGO leader, Kenoh, in convincing fashion to claim the GHC National title. Fujita is a man who can believably beat anyone – with the history, build, and strength to back it up. The heavyweight bruiser has felled many an opponent, not just in his ongoing stint in NOAH, but throughout his MMA and pro wrestling career spanning decades in Japan.

The newly announced title clash on February 23rd promises to be one of the hardest-hitting matches of the year. It will make the audience winch as Nakajima and Fujita endure the most vicious and pain-inducing strikes you could imagine.

As the reigning GHC Heavyweight Champion, Nakajima usually declares “I am NOAH”. However, after defeating Kitamiya he instead proclaimed “We are NOAH” to the audience who packed out the Sendai Sun Plaza. Nakajima is firmly the fan-favorite and has taken on the mantle of the company’s uppermost star even since Go Shiozaki returned from injury.

Katsuhiko Nakajima is the man of the moment, but Kazuyuki Fujita could put a brutal end to that on February 23rd.

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