Unified Wrestling Oklahoma – UWO TV 11: Christmas Day Edition Results & Review


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to LWOPW’s review for UWO TV 11: Christmas Day Edition from December 25, 2021. For those of you who don’t know, here’s the rundown on this Southern U.S independent wrestling promotion.

UWO – or Unified Wrestling Oklahoma – is an independent professional promotion running primarily out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While it may be a smaller wrestling promotion, it is quickly taking over the Oklahoma indie scene. For more information on the promotion, stay tuned to our upcoming “Beginner’s Guide to Unified Wrestling Oklahoma.” Right now, all you need to know is that this promotion is one to keep your eye on. Let’s rundown the results from UWO TV 11.

UWO TV 11: Christmas Day Edition Results

This closed-set taping took place on December 19, 2021, and aired on December 25, 2021. This event is a Unified Wrestling Oklahoma Patreon exclusive, which you can check out here. Emanating from VFW Post 9265 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, your commentary team for this Christmas special consists of your UWO Commissioner Tuck Davion and, yours truly, Walker Stewart. This was a wonderful night of action, and I’m excited to review UWO TV 11 for you here.

Disclaimer: I did perform on this show as a broadcast commentator, however, my performance on this show will not be influencing my review of the event. Unbiased and authentic journalism is my first priority.

UWO TV 11: Christmas Day Edition Kickoff

Starting off the show, we get a cold open from our broadcast commentary team where our UWO Commissioner, Tuck Davion, wishes us a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Tuck and Walker welcome us to the show and exclaim their excitement for the upcoming card. Inevitably, we toss it down to ringside.

Burnham’s Got Pipes

In typical fashion, The Entitled (Warren Powers, Christian Temple, Tyson James, and C.M. Burnham) make their way down to ringside. Tuck is not too happy about this on commentary. Burnham enters the ring with a microphone and cuts a promo praising the members of The Entitled for their recent successes. As a Christmas gift from The Entitled to the Unified Wrestling Oklahoma fans, Burnham said that he would start off the night by singing. Burnham begins to warm up before being interrupted by none other than Mascara La Parka.

As Mascara La Parka jives his way to the ring, Burnham furiously calls for his music to be cut off. When the production team turns MLP’s music up instead, Burnham calls out UWO Commissioner Tuck Davion and demands he tell his crew to turn the music down. This leads to Davion leaving the broadcast booth and confronting Burnham face-to-face.

Tuck storms down to the ring and tears down “The Fact Man” with a scathing, fiery promo. In the end, Tuck bans Burnham from ringside for any matches involving members of The Entitled for tonight’s event. Can The Entitled remain successful without the expertise of C.M. Burnham present at ringside? Let’s find out.

Warren Powers vs. Mascara La Parka

The match starts off with Warren Powers looking fairly uneasy at Mascara La Parka’s presence. Mascara La Parka hotdogs and grandstands for a moment before Warren Powers imitates him. Sadly for The Entitled, Powers did not win that dance battle. Mascara La Parka kicks Powers in the gut and takes control of the match. Eventually, Powers fall to the outside to take a breather. Playing possum, Powers enters the and takes control with a rear chinlock.

In the finish, we get a nice back-and-forth exchange that leads to a really awkward-looking sunset flip from Mascara La Parka. Powers no-sells the botched sunset flip and rolls-up MLP for the three-count.

Match Result: Warren Powers defeated Mascara La Parka in 2:45.
Match Grade: D+

There was not much to this match. It did what it had to do – give Warren Powers some screentime and give him a victory. Mascara La Parka’s dancing spots were funny, and I really enjoyed the heel work from Warren in this one. If it would have gone longer and had a bit more of an emphatic ending, I think it would’ve been a bit more enjoyable. Nevertheless, Powers looks like he is on his way to championship contender status once again.

Christian Temple vs. Revan Wingrave

Next, we have a singles competition between one-half of the EPW Tag Team Champions, and a member of The Entitled Christian Temple, and “The Ace of Blades” Revan Wingrave. Christian Temple has some choice words for Tuck Davion and does not seem too happy at the prospect of wrestling the former RDW Ironman Champion Revan Wingrave. Before the match starts, Temple calls for Revan to be checked by the referee. After the referee checks Temple, Temple comedically checks the referee for any foreign objects. That spot was hilarious. Thus, the bell rings and this match is underway.

This match starts off with a lock-up, and Temple quickly takes control of Revan’s arm. Temple and Revan go back and forth, trading control until Temple falls to the outside. Wingrave gears up for a suicide dive, only to eat an uppercut from Temple. This leads the EPW Tag Team Champion to multiple pinning attempts, none of which are successful. Christian attempts to work Revan down with some holds, but Revan fires up and unloads in the corner on the champion.

In the finish of the match, Temple takes control and signals for the end of the contest. He attempts to lift Revan into the fireman’s carry, but Revan fights out of it and hits two stunners, covering him for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Revan Wingrave defeated Christian Temple via Pinfall in 5:54.
Match Grade: B-

There was not much of a build at all for this match-up, but it was very exciting. Christian Temple is very easy to hate, and Revan Wingrave is very easy to love; the two worked very well because of this. I enjoyed the intensity from Revan in this match. This guy has been on another level recently, and I can see him going somewhere major in the next couple of years. Overall, good stuff.

Tyson James vs. Duncan Kincaid

For our next contest, we have “The Amazing” Tyson James taking on “The Stonewolf” Duncan Kincaid. Ever since betraying Kevin James Sanchez at EPW The Night That Everything Changed, Tyson James has had a dominant run as the enforcer of The Entitled. Tonight, he stands toe-to-toe with California’s own Duncan Kincaid.

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Referee Brent Wall checks Duncan Kincaid for foreign objects. After checking Kincaid, the referee checks James for foreign objects, leading to Duncan blindsiding Tyson with an attack. Duncan and Tyson traded blows back and forth to start off the contest. James chokes Kincaid and rakes his eyes, screaming at UWO Commissioner Tuck Davion that it is all because of him. Davion believes in Kincaid’s ability to win this contest.

In the finish of the match, Duncan rushes Tyson into the corner and unloads blow after blow onto him. In response, Tyson James low blows Duncan Kincaid leading to a disqualification.

Match Result: Duncan Kincaid defeated Tyson James via Disqualification in 6:13.
Match Grade: C-

This match surprised me with how solid it was. This was my first time seeing Tyson James work in the ring, and for a man of his stature, he is very quick on his feet. I wish this match would have had a conclusive finish, but it was very effective at making Tyson James look like a no-nonsense fighter rather than just “Kevin Sanchez’s friend”. This was a fine match!

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the EPW Internet Television Championship Match: Drake Gallows vs. Adrian Vega

Next, we have a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the vacant EPW Internet Television Championship. On December 10, 2021, EPW management announced that the EPW Internet Television Champion, Ryan “The Ripper” Allen had suffered an injury in a ladder match with Adrian Vega. Later on, it was announced that the #1 contender, Adrian Vega, would take on the man whom Ryan beat for the title months earlier, Drake Gallows, in a Falls Count Anywhere match to crown a new champion. Let’s see how that match went down!

The bell rings, and the match is underway. You can cut the tension in this one with a knife. It is the former EPW Internet Television Champion taking on a young upstart who has never held championship gold in professional wrestling. Gallows and Vega lock-up and trade holds for minutes. Gallows fires up and hits multiple clotheslines. He attempts a running corner dropkick to Vega, but Vega evades sending Gallows landing directly on his neck. That spot looked brutal!

Gallows and Vega spill to the outside, where Vega attempts a pinfall for a two-count. These two fight through the arena and make their way outside of VFW Post 9265. This is an all-out brawl! Gallows throws Vega into doors, walls, trucks, and anything that he can find. Ferociously, Vega chokes Drake with a bar attached to the dumpster outside. Vega has been showcasing a harsher intensity in his matches recently, and it’s what has landed him in this championship match.

Gallows takes control and begins climbing the massive dumpster on the outside of VFW Post 9265. Drake leaps off for a massive diving double axehandle. That was awesome!

Our competitors find themselves fighting in the barroom now, and Adrian is having a hard time playing defense. Ever the showman, Gallows sits down at the bar and chugs a beer. That was a fun spot.

This match goes through the bathroom and the garage before finally making its way back into the ring. In the finish of the match, Gallows lifts Vega up for a Drake Valley Driver before it is countered into a Sleeper Hold. Drake fights as long as he can, but he eventually taps out to Adrian Vega. We have a new EPW Internet Television Champion.

Match Result: Adrian Vega defeated Drake Gallows in 14:36 to become the new EPW Internet Television Champion.
Match Grade: A

What a fun contest! This match went through the arena, the parking lot, the bar, the bathroom, and the garage. Not only that, but Adrian Vega, a man who has been chasing the EPW ITV Championship for the past few months finally managed to overcome all of his doubters and naysayers to win the big one. This was a great match, and I encourage everyone to go out of their way to watch this one!

UWO Heavyweight Championship Match: Brawler Morrison (c.) vs. Derek James

One week out from their scheduled 30-Minute Iron-Man match at UWO New Year’s Eve, UWO Heavyweight Champion Brawler Morrison and the challenger Derek James go one-on-one at UWO TV 11.

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Derek James and Brawler Morrison lock up, and it is immediately back and forth between the two competitors. Early on in the match, Derek targets the knee of Morrison with a litany of submission holds. This comes into play later when Morrison is attempting a running attack in the corner and his knee gives out on him, leaving him collapsed.

Morrison and James trade strikes and submissions back and forth. This match is insane! In the finish of the match, James attempts a ripcord rolling elbow strike only for Morrison to evade and land a sliding elbow strike for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Brawler Morrison defeated Derek James via Pinfall in 8:18.
Match Grade: A

This match was absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed the psychology in the exchanges. Derek’s work on Brawler’s knee looked vicious and set up the comeback spot beautifully. This is easily one of my favorite matches I’ve seen of the Morrison-James saga, and I’m even more excited for the upcoming 30-Minute Iron-Man match at UWO New Year’s Eve.

UWO TV 11: Christmas Day Edition Results & Review

This show was very entertaining and was a worthwhile, special Christmas present for the fans of Unified Wrestling Oklahoma. There was not a single bad match on the card. There were some matches that I wished had been given more time, but the semi-main and main event were two stellar contests that made up for this. For that, I’m going to give this show a…

Overall Grade: B+
Sleeper Hit of the Show: 
Tyson James vs. Duncan Kincaid
Low of the Show: 
Warren Powers vs. Mascara La Parka
M.V.P of the Night: Adrian Vega
Match of the Night: EPW Internet Television Championship Match: Drake Gallows vs. Adrian Vega

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