Unified Wrestling Oklahoma – UWO Pop-Up Show Review & Results (12/19/2021)

UWO Pop Up Show

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to LWOPW’s review for UWO Pop-Up Show from December 19, 2021. For those of you who don’t know, here’s the rundown on this Southern U.S independent wrestling promotion.

UWO – or Unified Wrestling Oklahoma – is an independent professional promotion running primarily out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While it may be a smaller wrestling promotion, it is quickly taking over the Oklahoma indie scene. For more information on the promotion, stay tuned to our upcoming “Beginner’s Guide to Unified Wrestling Oklahoma.” Right now, all you need to know is that this promotion is one to keep your eye on.

UWO Pop-Up Show Results

This live-streamed event aired on December 19, 2021, on the Unified Wrestling Oklahoma YouTube channel. This event took place at VFW Post 9265 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There was no commentary team for this event! However, it was hosted by UWO Commissioner Tuck Davion. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

UWO Pop-Up Show Kickoff

Kicking off the show, we see UWO Commissioner Tuck Davion welcoming us to the event. We have a bombastic 8-man tag team contest on the way here. After being welcomed to the show, Tuck announces the entrance of The Entitled (Christian TempleWarren Powers, and Tyson James) (w/ C.M. Burnham) who are set to take on the team of (Drake Gallows Revan Wingrave), and Adrian Vega. With Gallows and Vega set to face off for the EPW Internet Television Championship at UWO TV 11: Christmas Day Edition, it remains to be seen whether these two can coexist on the same team. Without further ado, let’s get into the action.

The Entitled (Christian Temple, Warren Powers, and Tyson James) vs. DNR (Drake Gallows & Revan) and Adrian Vega (8:08) (22:03)

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Revan and Tyson start off this contest with some chain grappling, but Tyson quickly rakes the eyes of Revan to take control. The Entitled frequently tag in and out of the match-up to keep their opponent isolated. Revan tags in Vega, and Vega does not fair to well against The Entitled initially.

Temple is now the legal Entitled member, and he is isolating Vega expertly. Temple locks in a nasty Texas Cloverleaf, and Vega has nowhere to go. Eventually, Vega rolls out of it and makes the tag to Gallows. Gallows cleans house until Warren Powers cuts him off and tosses him into The Entitled’s corner. Powers tags in Tyson, who wears down Drake with a chin lock. The rest of the match truly consists of multiple holds, submissions, and technical spots until the finish.

In the finish of the match, Gallows hits a massive suicide dive on all five other competitors. Tossing Christian Temple back into the ring, Gallows hits his patented Powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: DNR (Drake Gallows & Revan Wingrave) and Adrian Vega defeated The Entitled (Christian Temple, Tyson James, & Warren Powers) in 13:55.
Match Result: C+

This match was an enjoyable look at these six competitors. The Entitled are a really solid group of heels with really grand character work. Drake Gallows, Revan Wingrave, and Adrian Vega are some of my favorite babyfaces on the Oklahoma independent wrestling scene to watch. As one might imagine, I really enjoyed this match. It wasn’t the flashiest contest, and there were a couple of awkward moments, but above all else it was entertaining.

UWO Pop-Up Show Results & Review

With this being the only match on the card, the overall grade for the show is:

Overall Grade: C+
M.V.P of the Night: Drake Gallows
Match of the Night: The Entitled (Christian Temple, Tyson James, & Warren Powers) vs. DNR (Drake Gallows & Revan) and Adrian Vega

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