Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Season 3, Episode 12 (12/23/21)

Uncharted Territory Season 3 Episode 12

Uncharted Territory has just two episodes left in the third season of Uncharted Territory, and this week, it feels as if they are getting back on track. Here’s what to know heading into Uncharted Territory Season 3, Episode 12.

Uncharted Territory Season 3, Episode 12 – Full Card

Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet Match: Brick City Boyz vs Miracle Generation

The Brick City Boyz are just two matches away from closing out Season 3 as the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet winners. This would be impressive as the majority of the season was being held down by Waves and Curls before BCB took over. However, Miracle Generation is looking to play spoilers to that, and if any up-and-coming tag team in this scene can do, it they can. From matches with The Stepdads in Test of Strength to more recent matches against Shook Crew in Blitzkrieg! Pro, Miracle Generation proves every time they’re in the ring, they’re becoming one of the hottest tag teams in the world today.

Perhaps one of the most testing parts of the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet does not come from your opponents but from yourselves. Having that competition week in and week out, defending that throne, it feels like Waves and Curls lost because the wear and tear finally caught up with them. Brick City Boyz are big and tough, but the fact that they keep coming back every week, combined with that innovative high-flying offense of Dustin Waller and Kylon King, this might just be the fall of Brick City.

Rhett Titus vs Jora Johl

Since Rhett Titus was last seen in Beyond Wrestlin,g he has become the Ring of Honor World Television Champion. The fact that Beyond Wrestling points this out- and other ROH Champions being in their promotion- but doesn’t recognize VSK as the Bedlam Champion is a bit frustrating. Still, it would be nice to see Beyond Wrestling take a page from the Game Changer Wrestling book and have Titus defend his TV title inside of a Beyond ring, but that’s likely more to do with ROH than with Beyond.

This match will take viewers all the way back to Episode 2 of this season, when these two first met, but then they also wrestled each other again on Episode 5. There are certain wrestlers out there who can bring about the best in Rhett Titus and Jora Johl is one of them. This is going to be one of those matches where these two take what they’ve done in their previous matches- nearly destroying each other- and up the ante.

Masha Slamovich vs Ryan Galeone

If anyone was to name the MVP of Season 3 of Uncharted Territory, even with these two episodes left to go, the obvious and correct choice seems to be Masha Slamovich. Every opponent that has faced Slamovich this season, win or lose, has brought the best out in her. Even just the recent string of matches with Charli Evans, Slade, Atticus Cogar, and Matt Makowski are among some of the best from this season overall. Whoever is put against Slamovich this season, she just seems to find a way to rise to the occasion.

Enter Ryan Galeone, a big boy who can fly. Perhaps the idea of Masha Slamovich being on the outside of the ring and Galeone flying to the outside onto her is more terrifying than anything which happened in the matches against Slade and Atticus Cogar. This match will feature tremendous pain, but it will be a different type of pain than previous matches. Fans who aren’t paying attention yet: before this season ends, Slamovich is going to make sure that you are. And you are not going to forget the name of Ryan Galeone either.

Wheeler Yuta vs Matt Makowski

Speaking of MVPs of Uncharted Territory- and Beyond Wrestling- if the answer is not Masha Slamovich, it is most certainly Matt Makowski. This match was recently announced as being for an Independent Wrestling title shot against Alex Shelley at next week’s Season 3 Finale of Uncharted Territory. For Makowski, this feels like a long time coming but perhaps that is just because this match was supposed to happen already. Delayed by Makowski being pulled from shows for several weeks, the match which was supposed to happen at Fete Forever; now it comes to Uncharted Territory and it might just go on forever.

While Wheeler Yuta has been Independent Wrestling Champion already this year, he lost the title to Alex Shelley. This seems like good grounds for Matt Makowski to be more determined than ever to not only get that title shot but win it. There are also matches scheduled throughout The Wrestival (against the likes of Anthony Henry and Marcus Mathers) which would have to change to Makowski vs those contenders rather than Shelley and it just seems very likely that Makowski would want to play spoiler in that regard, with this win here being his first step.

As of this writing, Beyond Wrestling has only announced these four matches, which means they could all go really long or this is only about half of the card. Either way, these matches are worth the time to tune into this episode. With more Beyond Wrestling than possibly ever before coming up next week and in the weeks to follow, we’re only going up from here!

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