Preview: WWE Raw (12/20/21) – Maryse on The Cutting Edge

Maryse Cutting Edge WWE Raw

This week’s Monday Night Raw emanates from the Fiserv Forum of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; someone let R-Truth know. We’re still 2 weeks away from the Day 1 pay-per-view, but WWE Raw somehow manages to both go a mile a second and a minute at the same time. Last week did not just see Bobby Lashley injected into the Day 1 main event title match as we speculated. He also ran the gauntlet against the three other participants of said matches. A month in a week, it felt like. But at the same time, so many other things on the show feel like they’re burning so slow. Let’s take a look at what’s on the docket for tonight, including tag team action and Maryse on The Cutting Edge.

WWE Raw Preview (12/20/21) – Maryse on The Cutting Edge

Maryse on The Cutting Edge

You knew it was coming. Two men feuding who happen to have talk show segments in the repertoire. We saw Edge on Miz TV, so it was just about time to bust out The Cutting Edge again. It seems pretty clear we’re heading down the same path as WrestleMania 31 with John Cena and Nikki Bella swapped with Beth Phoenix and Edge to take on Maryse & The Miz, potentially at WrestleMania. But for now, the men face off at Day 1 and we slowly see the women weaved into TV again. 

Austin Theory vs Finn Balor

Austin Theory cost Finn Balor a match with Seth Rollins, looking to impress grandpa Vince McMahon before the holidays. McMahon, being a regular Scrooge, wasn’t too impressed with Theory’s quite literal beg for attention. Balor, on the other hand, after having been protected on Friday Night SmackDown, to the point that not even Roman Reigns could get a clean win, seems to be slotted far lower on Monday Night Raw. Chances are, Theory goes up and Balor goes down. But then again, it’s Raw. I wouldn’t bet on anything.

Rhea Ripley vs Queen Zelina

They already swapped the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, but this feud keeps going. The big point of this story though, is Nikki A.S.H. As her self-confidence continues to dwindle – again – I would gladly welcome a return of the ol’ “Twisted Sister” as Nikki once again becomes an unhinged, unpredictable young lady and pairs off again with Rhea Ripley, now both clad in heavy metal leather. But WWE also seems to be in a “tag team split” groove lately.

AJ Styles & Omos vs The Mysterios

Speaking of the “tag team split” bug, here are two teams that seem to be catching it. We’ve seen AJ Styles and Omos unhappy with each other and the ‘good ol’ “we’re fine” cliche already thrown by Styles last week. Meanwhile, Dominik and Rey Mysterio have been teasing it for a very long time. However, they may be cooling off on it, for now, at least. I don’t think The Mysterios are beating Omos. Though, we could get another count-out.

Bianca Belair vs Doudrop

It feels like the GTA San Andreas meme is in this feud. However, there is that bit of an old-school touch involved as Bianca Belair keeps teasing the Kiss Of Death on her larger-framed rival, who then proceeds to pull a King Arthur being pelted by the French (or a Joseph Joestar for the weebs). Or, well, that was the case 2 weeks ago. Last week, Belair pinned Doudrop following a 450 Splash. My guess is we keep going back and forth and pen another match for Day 1 where Bianca finally gets the big win after the impressive display of strength by finally hitting Doudrop with the K.O.D.

Damian Priest vs Dolph Ziggler

I hope Damian Priest came back negative after the massive Bad Bunny concerts last week. After the indirect loss due to Austin Theory distracting Finn Balor last week, we now have Dolph Ziggler back in the United States title scene facing the champion. Now personally, I don’t think much of Ziggler vs. Priest as a title match. However, if we are getting a title defense, that would seem the trope to pull as Dolph can use “Big Bob” Robert Roode’s help on the outside, leading to Priest unleashing his “Damian” side. I typed that out, huh.

Bizarrely not on the docket are Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. Though, it would be pretty easy to sneak something in there. A promo, tag match, or any short segment. Bobby Lashley will speak on “Creating” the fatal four-way WWE Championship match and we’ll likely get some follow-up between RK-Bro & Alpha Academy while we wait for the “Bronament Finals” at some point. 

All this and more will take place on tonight’s Monday Night Raw.