Momo Watanabe Joins Oedo Tai

Momo Watanabe with Oedo Tai

At Stardom’s Osaka Super Wars event Queen’s Quest and Oedo Tai battled it out with Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe’s future at stake. By the end of the show, Watanabe found herself aligned with Stardom’s resident heel faction, but not in the way anyone could have expected.

Momo Watanabe Betrays Queen’s Quest

With the match coming down to the wire and QQ holding a 2 to 1 advantage over Starlight Kid a shocking moment occurred, one that will not soon be forgotten. Momo Watanabe betrayed her faction and hit her long-time tag team partner AZM over the head with a chair, handing the win to Oedo Tai and anointing herself the “Black Peach” of the group. Watanabe’s betrayed former colleagues left the ring in tears, crestfallen by the betrayal of their former leader.

Almost everyone expected Momo Watanabe to join Oedo Tai, especially following the recent Konami news, but her willingly betraying the faction she inherited from Io Shirai is a massive shock. It was a real swerve to any fan as Watanabe has never shown any interest in joining Oedo Tai nor has there been any hint of dissent in the QQ ranks. Regardless. this is a massive shift in the landscape of Stardom, one that makes Oedo Tai a very dangerous proposition for the rest of the roster.

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