Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Season 3, Episode 11 (12/16/21)

Uncharted Territory Season 3 Episode 11

With just three episodes to go, Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory Season 3 seems to be bringing out the worst parts of Ring of Honor while possibly just phoning it in for these last few weeks before Heavy Lies the Crown. The fans aren’t the only ones faced with burnout apparently, but let’s get on with the show!

Uncharted Territory Season 3, Episode 11 – Full Card

Dan Barry vs Vita VonStarr

Vita VonStarr might be best known for being told while in Ring of Honor that if she did something, she’d be banned from the tournament to crown a ROH Women’s World Champion, going right ahead and doing it, securing her spot not in the tournament and instead in the pages of stupid wrestling history. While Dan Barry will seemingly have to defeat VVS on his way to Heavy Lies the Crown and a match with Vincent (Not WCW’s Virgil) this could be as simple as Vita VonStarr pinning her own shoulders to the mat because she’s definitely made worse decisions.

Brick City Boyz vs Hispanic Mechanics (Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet Match)

While the Hispanic Mechanics are a tag team consisting of Jos A and Jos B (yes, really) they have been appearing frequently within the New England area but are far from must-see. Perhaps it seems like a forgone conclusion at this point that the Brick City Boyz are going to go the rest of the distance in the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet and then have an eventual rematch with Waves N Curls (possibly at Heavy Lies the Crown) Perhaps the New England scene is just running out of tag teams that have yet to be discovered (less likely). But this match just feels like it’s being phoned in on paper so hopefully, inside of the ring, it delivers.

RSP & Slade vs Smart Mark Sterling & VSK

One of the funny things about professional wrestling is that two wrestlers can wrestle each other but then also be in a tag team match together. This has been seen recently in Beyond Wrestling with Tracy Williams and Wheeler Yuta. After RSP and Slade fought each other, they issued a challenge to Mark Sterling and VSK and it appears to be going down now! Whether or not RSP and Slade can co-exist remains to be seen, but this should turn into a violent brawl that the team of Whatever It Takes might not want to even show up for.

Little Mean Kathleen vs Cam Zagami

While Teddy Goodz, Ryan Galeone, and LMK were seemingly on their way to a match against Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and Maria, that was sidetracked into… Whatever this is. Cam Zagami issued the challenge to Goodz last week. Instead, Googz told Zagami that he’d be facing LMK. This seems like the type of match where Goodz and someone else would have some issues with Club Cam (which is the Shook Crew and Aaron Rourke) and if Club Cam was defeated, LMK would get five minutes alone in the ring with Zagami. This match might end up being fun, but it feels like it also could have happened under different circumstances.

Masha Slamovich vs Matt Makowski

While Matt Makowski makes his return to Beyond Wrestling after a brief absence, it is worth noting that he has missed scheduled matches with both Trish Adora and Wheeler Yuta, both of which have yet to be announced as when they will be made up. But Masha Slamovich has been on Uncharted Territory, week in and week out, taking on all comers in all different types of matches. The past two matches for Slamovich have been more hardcore fights, but this should be more of a wrestling match, which is also something she can excel at. This is going to be a fight, a technical one at that.

Tracy Williams vs Leyla Hirsch

Uncharted Territory has often featured cards in which any number of matches could be the main event but this week feels like the show is definitely lacking that level of match. Tracy Williams vs Leyla Hirsch for the pure wrestling aspect of it, Williams time spent in ROH, and Leyla Hirsch being in All Elite Wrestling seem to lean towards this being the best match on the show and by default, it becomes the main event.

As Uncharted Territory winds down for the season, it feels as if the episodes are becoming less can’t-miss. With only six matches announced at the time of this writing, this not only feels like a car driving out of control but it feels like it might be doing damage to the rest of this season and even possibly Heavy Lies the Crown. Hopefully, Beyond Wrestling can turn it around before the end of the year!

Uncharted Territory Season 3, Episode 11 takes place live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA on December 16, 2021. It will also stream live on IWTV. Tickets and more info can be found at

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