Let Him Talk To Ya: LA Knight Should Be Thriving On WWE Main Roster

LA Knight

At 39 years old, LA Knight is the second-oldest member of the NXT 2.0 roster behind the injured Samoa Joe. The difference between Knight and Joe is that the former has yet to receive a shot on the main roster and has instead been left in the readjusting brand that is set up for the young crew to strive. It’s almost as if Knight should have been drafted to Raw or SmackDown in the WWE Draft. Can’t make up for what didn’t happen but what needs to happen and soon is moving him to one of those brands before the prime of his career is wasted in a rivalry with Grayson Waller.

Knight has a fantastic ability that few do in WWE outside of their main eventers. He can hold up his end in the middle of the ring as evident by his match with Cameron Grimes at NXT TakeOver: 36 and his showing at WarGames on Sunday night. Yet what he does better than most in all of wrestling, let alone in WWE, is deliver a promo. Every time he speaks, it feels like you need to listen because his delivery makes it all feel important. His promo style has often been compared to The Rock, riding along the lines of a louder, inspired promo that hits home almost every chance he gets. His signature “Let me talk to ya” that has become a one-liner every single time he speaks to the world is something that not only can get over on the main roster but in the eyes of Vince McMahon.

The reason that his opportunity to thrive on the main roster is so real is what he has shown in his short time in NXT as both a heel and babyface. LA Knight is best as a heel because his cockiness holds up but what he has shown as part of the black and gold team has potentially been his best work yet. During the exclusive backstage video that WWE posted following the go-home edition of NXT 2.0, Knight seemingly sold the PPV in that one promo as he hyped up his team and their match at WarGames. It was only a glimpse in the potential that moving him to the main roster could create and at his age, it’s best to move him up as soon as possible.

The land of both Raw and SmackDown are what they were at the beginning of the year. There’s no longer a line of people waiting for an opportunity but rather spots to be taken and few able to fit them. SmackDown most of all has been gutted via the WWE Draft and recent releases, having to focus on tired and boring heels like Baron Corbin to feud with the main-event babyfaces who await their shot at Roman Reigns.

Adding LA Knight to the SmackDown roster would give him a chance to work with those already on his level, suggesting a potential feud with Jeff Hardy, Drew McIntyre, or Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura almost makes too much sense. LA Knight tearing apart the weak title reign of Nakamura or attacking fan-favorite Hardy would help him become the star everyone knows he can be. Knight should be thriving with the best of the best and the fact that he isn’t right now makes little sense.

Knight has everything that WWE needs on their main roster as a legitimate complete package. It’s time he flies the unnatural coup of NXT 2.0 and plays ball with the best WWE has to offer because he deserves to be in that conversation. Let me tell you… it’s time for LA Knight to shine as bright as the LA lights at the highest level WWE has to offer. No more holding him down.

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