WWE Matches of the Month: November 2021

Best WWE Matches of the Month
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Every month, our own Scott Edwards compiles his own list of the best WWE matches of the month. From Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, the options are seemingly endless. The matches will include ones you may not think about as well as ones you hear about on social media as soon as they finish. PPV or TV, these matches will be the best of the best from the previous month of WWE action and will receive a rating out of the traditional 5 stars. (DISCLAIMER: This list is subjective and is compiled exclusively by Scott Edwards; there will obviously be matches he may have missed that you may feel deserve credit – we encourage you to list some of your best WWE matches of the month in the comments section below to help add to the list!)

WWE has entered the time of the year where the majority of their product slows down dramatically as they await the Royal Rumble and the road to WrestleMania. November was an example of that, taking over for what is usually a weak month of December. Shocking, seeing that Survivor Series, a one-time major PPV, took place during the month. The matches of the month were hard to come by as little stood out from all four brands but there were two that fit the bill of “Match of the Month.” Here’s a look.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (Survivor Series, 11/21/21)

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair | WWE Matches of the Month
Credit: WWE

The rivalry between Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair focused on one head-scratching moment in the ring and developed into an over-the-top feud that many just wanted to be over. Attempting to make the tensions between the two champions feel real was the move WWE went with and while the majority of it wasn’t great TV, the match that they delivered at Survivor Series was. The stiffness of their strikes that were getting thrown back and forth made for an entertaining match, continuing their rivalry’s resume of great matches once again. The ending to it might not have been everyone’s favorite but it is easy to overlook when appreciating the output of in-ring quality before it.

Rating: 3.75 (***3/4)

Johnny Gargano vs. Bron Breakker in a Ladder Match (NXT 2.0, 11/30/21)

Bron Breakker vs Johnny Gargano
Credit: WWE

Heading into WarGames, the advantage in that daunting match is one that teams vie for every single year since the match’s introduction to NXT. Well in a fan voting, Johnny Gargano and Bron Breakker were selected to represent the Black and Gold era and the 2.0 era in the ladder match. Gargano and Breakker’s exchanges throughout were impressive as each got some great shine in what was a “David vs. Goliath” style match despite the experience advantage that Gargano had. The finish to the match was one that made Breakker’s star keep rising as he would rip Gargano off the ladder and hit his signature Powerslam to put him out for the count.

Breakker proceeded to climb up and snag the briefcase, giving his team the advantage that ultimately led to a WarGames win. It was Breakker’s best singles match to date.

Rating: 3.75 (***3/4)

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