Lulu Pencil Makes ChocoPro Return During Season 10 Finale

Lulu Pencil Returns to ChocoPro

Earlier this evening, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling held its ChocoPro Season 10 Finale. Episode #180 was packed to the brim with action, including the return of Rina Yamashita following her recent trip to America for Game Changer Wrestling. However, the aforementioned finale wasn’t without its surprises. During the closing segment, Baliyan Akki made one final announcement. “We have had some people leave and we have had some new people come in,” said Akki before alluding to a particular name that represented the “heart and spirit” of ChocoPro. From there, he welcomed Lulu Pencil back to ChocoPro, who was given a warm welcome and applause from those around her.

Lulu Pencil Returns to ChocoPro

After the aforementioned welcome, Lulu Pencil addressed the viewers, thanking them for their support and kindness while she was in America. “I did not come back here. I’m always here,” said Lulu Pencil. She said that it was in ChocoPro where she could share her love and passion for wrestling. Furthermore, she said that while living in the world is tough, anyone that needed wrestling should turn to them. Her return ChocoPro match has yet to be confirmed but one can expect it to be one of the very first of Season 11.

ChocoPro #180 marks Lulu Pencil’s first appearance on the Gatoh Move YouTube show since this past August. On Episode #144, she made the surprising announcement that she would be joining Emi Sakura on her mentor’s trip to America, specifically to work for AEW. On-screen, Lulu Pencil adopted a butler or servant-like character to complement Sakura’s queen persona, following her mentor to the ring and retrieving her crown and cloak. During her various appearances on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation, Lulu Pencil became a popular character, despite not wrestling a single match for the promotion.

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