BWF Maremoto Slashes Brazilian Pro-Wrestling Waters

BWF Maremoto

BWF (Brazilian Wrestling Federation) hosted Maremoto (Seaquake in English) on November 15 in São Paulo, Brazil.  The BWF Maremoto is an annual event promoted by the Brazilian company. Four matches formed the event’s card, which the main event was a 20-men royal-rumble match for the BWF Homonym Championship and the chance for a title shot at any BWF’s event.

But for you who is reading this and is not familiar with the BWF, let me explain to you a little bit about the story of the biggest pro-wrestling company in Brazil.

A Look Into This Year’s BWF Maremoto

What to Know About the Brazilian Wrestling Federation

The Brazilian Wrestling Federation was created in 2002 by Bob Junior, BWF’s general manager. The company is formed by 40 pro-wrestlers who perform in 30 events every year. Many talents who are showcasing their skills in big pro-wrestling companies around the globe were formed in BWF such as Bruno Nitro, Fred Turbo, and Cezar Bononi, the latter currently of All Elite Wrestling fame.

The organization has never hosted any international event since its creation in 2002, but many international superstars had the chance to step inside a BWF’s ring. In 2017, Juventud Guerrera, Carlito, and Chris Masters were some of the stars who participated in the pro-wrestling event organized by BWF during the Anime Friends 2017 convention in São Paulo.

According to Junior, BWF is not only known as the biggest company in Brazil but it is also recognized as one of the top companies in Latin America as well.

“BWF pro-wrestlers are very skillful and technical and I believe people should be watching them more closely,” he said.

The BWF Maremoto Event

BWF Maremoto Match
BWF stars in action during the BWF Maremoto. Photo courtesy: Bob Junior.

The first battle of the night was a rookies division tag-team match between Peter Bull & Sequela against Taylor Skinner & Kyan Slay, the latter making his debut inside a BWF ring. The tag team formed by Skinner & Slay showcased great action, but Bull & Sequela’s experience helped the pro wrestlers and they got the victory at the end of the match via pinfall.

Another rookies division tag-team action was the second match of the night. This time, Altair “The Immortal” & Leonny faced Twister & “The Young Warrior” Mahu. Both teams performed an electrifying match, all wrestlers showcasing outstanding moves. At the end of the match, the tag-team formed by Twister and Mahu brought the victory home by submission.

A long waited champion x champion match was Maremoto’s third match. Acce, South-American Champion, faced Victor Boer, Brazilian Champion, after almost a week of word-exchanging.

They performed one of the best matches BWF fans saw in recent years, with great moves and new signature skills by both men. After 20 minutes of an intense battle, both fighters were down trying to get the minimum energy to stand up during the referee’s count. Even though they tried, Boer and Acce stayed down and the referee finished the contest as a draw.

The fourth and last match of Maremoto’s was a 20-man royal rumble match, with a different rule from the royal rumble matches pro-wrestling fans are used to. The last two wrestlers inside the ring were also able to win the match via pinfall or submission, as well as throwing their opponent outside the ring.

Acce Victor Boer
Acce performing a suplex on Victor Boer. Photo courtesy: Bob Junior.

Victor Boer, who had already competed in the event, was the first pro-wrestler to come to the ring followed by Adam Black, a rookies division star who was the main character of an intense moment during the event.

Black was responsible for eliminating Allan Salles, the rookies division champion, from the match. After being eliminated, the champion reentered the ring to assault Black. A huge brawl took place and both men had to be taken backstage by the referees.

Surprising returns were also a trademark for BWF Maremoto 2021. Dínamo “The Phoenix Warrior”, and Bob Junior, BWF’s General Manager, made their returns and shocked the fans in São Paulo. Junior not only return, but he also had an important role in the match, as he helped Boer eliminate Nocaute Jack and Rurik, two wrestlers who were trying to eliminate Boer during the match.

A few minutes before completing an hour, the match came to an end after “The Annihilator” Dante threw The Peruvian Wolf over the top rope, winning the 2021 BWF Maremoto Royal Rumble. With his victory, Dante won the Homonym Championship and the right for a title shot at any BWF event.

Bob Junior Rurik
Bob Junior performing a flying elbow drop on Rurik. Photo courtesy: Bob Junior.

The company’s next event will be BWF Night of Champions, the company’s biggest annual event. The date and place of the event are still unknown. Pro-wrestling fans all over the world can watch Night of Champions, as well as other BWF events, through the company’s YouTube channel.

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