Preview: Lucky Pro Wrestling – LPW November to Remember (11/20/21)

LPW November to Remember

After the events of Fall Frenzy, Lucky Pro Wrestling looks to bring some nostalgia to the current generation of wrestling fans as they present LPW November to Remember!

LPW November to Remember – Full Card

El Espartano vs Armani Kayos

El Espartano seems to be looking for a win while Armani Kayos aims to be doing all within his power to stay on track towards an eventual title shot. This match at LPW November to Remember could mean a huge win for Espartano, but Kayos will have a lot to say about that.

Brad Cashew vs Chris Loggins vs Gal Barkay vs Nico Silva vs Randy Rivera (Number One Contendership to the LPW Hard Knox Championship Match)

Of these five competitors, Brad Cashew and Nico Silva are perhaps the most accustomed to title opportunities and winning gold. Chris Loggins, Gal Barkay, and Randy Rivera are all relative newcomers, so while they could pull off a victory here, it would also be somewhat of an upset. Betting odds would have Cashew favored to win this match and go on to face the LPW Hard Knox Champion down the line, but do not overlook Silva.

Brian Cairo Career on the Line: ? vs Randy Shawn w/Brian Cairo

Why would someone put their career on the line, even if just the manager and not the actual wrestler, against a mystery opponent? That seems like a bit too important of a risk to take when the stakes are not fully known. Randy Shawn has to be that confident that he can defeat whoever LPW puts up against him, but LPW might go all out here and bring in someone who can get the best of Shawn, even if only on this night. Brian Cairo takes a huge risk putting his career in the hands of Shawn here. Given the unknown factor of it all, this might not pay off for Cairo.

Darley Desamot / Little Guido / Swilly O’Brien vs Coach Webb / Ricky Smokes / Scotty Slade

This is a classic good guys vs bad guys match with Little Guido teaming up with Swilly O’Brien and Darley Desamot, who are looking for that big win and might just be able to get it here. However, Coach Webb, Ricky Smokes or Scotty Slade putting the pin onto Guido in this match would also be a huge milestone in their career path and, if anyone of the three can do it, Smokes certainly can.

Ava Everett vs Little Mean Kathleen

Originally, this match was to be Ava Everett vs Sarah Teller, but it has since changed. Now, Everett will face Little Mean Kathleen. At the recent Northeast Championship Wrestling show, NCW WrestleFest XVI, Kathleen captured the NCW Women’s Championship from B3CCA, and now, the champion faces perhaps an even tougher test in the veteran Everett. This should be an amazing match with the true winners being the fans in attendance who witness it live.

LPW Hard Knox Championship: Sweatboy (c) vs Elia Markopoulos

Sweatboy and Elia Markopoulos are going to square up once again, and this time, Sweatboy is coming with a vengeance. This feels like a pivotal match for Sweatboy in that if he can finally defeat Markopoulos, putting this rivalry behind both of them. Sweatboy will then be able to move on to face the next challenger.

Isana vs Paris Van Dale

If it feels as if Paris Van Dale has been a thorn in the side of wrestling for, well, as long as her name has been known, the bright side to that is Isana will finally get to go one on one with PVD. This match is not a matter of whether or not Paris Van Dale gets suplexed, but how many times it takes place. Hopefully, this match will lead to PVD making better decisions in her future (including not abandoning her tag team partner) but if it doesn’t, then there is plenty of time next year for Isana to try and suplex more manners into her.

LPW Heavyweight Championship: “RIOT” Kellan Thomas (c) vs Anthony Greene vs Shannon Moore

Taking a page from both the past and the present, “RIOT” Kellan Thomas faces his biggest challenge to date, taking on not one but two contenders, each a threat in their own right. Anthony Greene has been on an absolute winning streak lately, having some of the best matches of 2021, and if anyone can pull this victory out, it would be him. At the same time, Shannon Moore comes into this match with twenty-six years of wrestling experience. This will either be a huge win for Thomas or there will be a new champion, but regardless, this is destined to be a match of the greatest proportions.

Lucky Pro Wrestling presents November to Remember takes place on Saturday, November 20th, 2021 in Hudson, MA. Tickets and more information can be found at

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