Puerto Rico Report #2 | CWA’s TV Debut, IWA’s Crazy Ideas, Power Outages Keep Hurting WWC

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This was a week of ups and downs for wrestling in Puerto Rico as one company makes a big stride into TV, another faces problems that are completely outside of their control that greatly affects their TV. One company announces great ticket sales. Another has great problems with them and doesn’t seem too keen on making any changes to alleviate said attendance issues. However, November 20th has been stacked as a massive date on the island, simply based on the sheer number of events taking place that day. As one event, LAWE, announced their debut card featuring La Rebellion vs Lucha Bros as its massive main event, other promotions look to oppose it, announcing cards for the same date with a far smaller time frame. Of course, they argue “it’s not competition”. Although once is an accident, it is constantly happening. Which clearly makes it intentional. Some companies, in their more old school mentality, seem to believe that it is far better to oppose the competition directly and try to limit the other’s success than to focus on their own growth. However, the two companies that do seem to just want to stay completely on their own lanes, funny enough, see the most success in the form of the CWA & LAWE. Let’s run down the news including the TV debut for  CWA, WWC power outages, and more.

CWA Makes Its TV Debut

CWA made their TV debut with the first episode of Campeones Del Hexagono through TeleOnce this week. A simple show that showcased 3 solid matches. The main story of the show showcased World Champion Mike Nice who demanded his title be disinfected having just defeated veteran Ricky Cruzz to regain it. This led to a confrontation with Manuel Rodriguez which was further explained in the “Malecón Night Club” talk segment with Rodrigo Garcia. Mike Nice defeated Manuel’s older brother Noel to win his first World Title and sees the entire family as being under the shadow of their father, the late Victor The Bodyguard.

The show was a refreshing one as it focused far more on the matches and the consequences of victories and defeats rather than the more typical “soap opera” style of Puerto Rico where the wrestling in general tends to feel secondary. At the moment, the company is not advertising any new tapings or pay-per-view. The matches showcased were all filmed with no crowd inside the Warehouse 24 venue.

IWA Announces 24/7 Rules For ALL Their Titles; For One Day

IWA ‘s Impacto Total weekly TV show featured a lot of heat towards the IWE Alliance angle. Their Halloween Mayhem show drew less than 100 fans even with no opposition from other cards that day, and their impromptu Facebook Live stream seemed to end up doing far more harm than good in the long run. However, the most surprising announcement was a short line announcing their Hardcore Weekend pay-per-view event would feature all their titles being defended under 24/7 rules. Just like WWE’s own 24/7 Title and their once existing Hardcore Champion.  That is on top of every match scheduled for the event. Which will also feature a stipulation that was a tradition of the event years before WWE’s Extreme Rules did it.

The Hardcore Weekend event is scheduled for November 20th and they are attempting live pay-per-view for it again, promising the broadcast will not run into any issues. The event is priced at $31.23 which is a pretty steep price, especially with AEW Full Gear the previous week is available at $20 on FITE TV for Puerto Rico residents.

Another Power Outage For WWC

WWC stumbles into another power outage issue forcing them to cancel their November 7th card from the Acropolis in Manatí. It was speculated they would cancel on Friday given power outage issues were still being reported, and the electric company not making repairs during the weekend. Along with the cancellation, they also announced their next card would take place on November 20th. This makes it the 4th company opting to run an event that day opposing LAWE’s first show, an event by OIL and IWA’s Hardcore Weekend. Most of these cards do in fact opt to directly compete against the others, ignoring the low turnout of fans for most wrestling events.

Much like last week, given their Saturday show promoted the now canceled card, they have opted not to upload it to YouTube. On top of them running out of first-run content. Though, that’s not their fault, unlike many other previous occasions. This seems to have led to them not uploading their Sunday show either as it was likely repeat content.

TV Results:

CWA Campeones del Hexagono 11/05/21:

  1. Adam Riggs defeats Edrax via Shinning Wizard
  2. CWA Puerto Rican Champion Louis Forza defeats Manuel Rodriguez via Full Nelson Facebuster
  3. CWA World Champion Mike Nice defeats Eddman via Arca de la Alianza

IWA Impacto Total 11/06/21:

  1. Manu & Edrax defeat La Supremacia del Pancracio
  2. Manny Ferno defeats Niche to retain the IWA Intercontinental Championship
  3. The Owners Of Time defeat La Calle to retain the IWA Tag Team Championships
  4. Lightning defeats Mighty Ursus via DQ

Other News Notes:

  • LAWE announced their ringside seat have also sold out but later announced new sections opening for their November 20 Origenes card which will be available for pay-per-view purchase.
  • Non-TV promotion Ground Zero Wrestling has officially announced Terrell & Terrence Hughes for their November 27th card. They are the sons of D-Von Dudley.
  • Many people have asked but to this moment, the OIL promotion, for all its boasting, promoting, and short videos, still do not seem to have any plans of having any long-form programming in the works. This is despite their initial press release months ago stating they have a TV studio in the town of Arecibo.

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