Preview: GLEAT – G PROWRESTLING Version 3 (09/01/21)

G PROWRESTLING Version 3 Main Event Graphic

GLEAT presents G PROWRESTLING Version 3, and it’s live from Shinjuku FACE. It’s a stacked card here is a rundown of the action that’ll go down.  For any unaware, G Pro is the normal wrestling side of GLEAT and does not feature the UWF-I rules.

G PROWRESTLING Version 3 Full Card

  • Ryuichi Kawakami and Hayato Tamura vs T-Hawk and El Lindaman
  • Kaz Hayashi, CIMA, and Minoru Tanaka vs Koji Iwamoto and two All Japan Pro Wrestling stars
  • Soma Watanabe vs KAZMA Sakamoto
  • Takanori Ito and Ayato Yoshida vs Shigehiro Irie and Jun Tonsho
  • Michiko Miyagi and Rina Yamashita vs Ryo Mizunami and Yuu
  • Yu IIzuka vs Issei Onitsuka

Michiko Miyagi and Rina Yamashita vs Ryo Mizunami and Yuu

Michiko Miyagi since putting pen to paper with GLEAT has been clamoring for a singles match with Chihiro Hashimoto. She does not get Chihiro Hashimoto, but she gets a chance to send a message with Hashimoto’s partner Yuu on the other side of the ring. This is probably the most loaded women’s match in the very brief history of GLEAT. Miyagi has a challenge for the Sendai Girls Tag Team Championship coming up, and Yuu is a former champion. However, they’re not the only ones involved.

As current Ice Ribbon FantastICE Champion, Rina Yamashita backs up Miyagi. While current SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Singles Champion, Ryo Mizunami teams with Yuu. One thing to keep in mind is Yuu is set to challenge Mizunami for the belt she holds very soon. So the question emerges can they coexist or will their partnership fall apart leading to a victory for Miyagi and Yamashita?

Soma Watanabe vs KAZMA Sakamoto

Soma Watanabe has been one of the young guys GLEAT has been building up since its inception. He has lived up to the hype, and then some. Competing in both the LIDET UWF and G PRO divisions, making him a very versatile member of the roster. Recently at the most recent Shinjuku FACE show, Watanabe took on Minoru Tanaka, but ultimately fell to the veteran in defeat. After the match, he was attacked by the KAZMA Sakamoto. Many may know Sakamoto from Dragon Gate as a member of Real Extreme Diffusion, or his runs in WRESTLE-1, WWE, NOAH, and various indies in Japan.

KAZMA is a freelancer, however, since the pandemic started he hasn’t been doing a lot of freelancing instead mostly staying in Dragon Gate, but he showed up in GLEAT. Surprising many in the process, and calling Soma Watanabe a zero point brain wrestler. He then challenged him to a match, which Watanabe accepted. Will Soma get the ball rolling in singles, or will KAZMA’s first match in GLEAT be a victory?

Main Event: Ryuichi Kawakami and Hayato Tamura vs STRONGHEARTS (El Lindaman and T-Hawk)

This tag match carries on from the Tokyo Dome City Hall show. At that event, Ryuichi Kawakami defeated T-Hawk, and El Lindaman defeated Hayato Tamura. T-Hawk got hurt and missed G Pro Version 1, where Tamura and Kawakami teamed up to win a tag match. Afterward, Kawakami asked Tamura to be his tag partner to which Tamura initially declined and asked for a singles match instead. Kawakami won that match and then demanded they form a tag team, and this time Tamura had no choice but to accept the offer. They then attacked El Lindman during a tag match, before T-Hawk returned and made the save.

A tag match was signed between the two teams. With GLEAT not being shy about acknowledging how their wrestlers are doing in other companies one has to wonder what happens if Tamura and Kawakami win and Lindaman and T-Hawk become All Japan All Asia Tag champions. However, for Lindaman and T-Hawk it’s all about stopping the undefeated Kawakami and his new partner while shifting the momentum back to STRONGHEARTS.

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