AJPW Royal Road Semi-Final Lineup

Royal Road 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling recently finished up with the quarter-finals of the Royal Road Tournament. The next show will be the conclusion of said tournament, as it will feature the semi-finals and eventual finals of the tournament. Let’s take another look at everything that has happened so far and how it rounds up into this final show.

Results from Day 1 (Afternoon Show)

  • Shuji Ishikawa def. Jun Saito
  • Ayato Yoshida def. Black Menso-re
  • Zeus def. Seigo Tachibana
  • Atsuki Aoyagi def. Takao Omori
  • T-Hawk def. Rising Hayato
  • Kento Miyahara def. Yusuke Kodama
  • Shigehiro Irie def. Kuma Arashi
  • Jake Lee def. SUGI

Results from Day 1 (Evening Show)

  • Suwama def. Rei Saito
  • Akira Francesco def. Izanagi
  • Hokuto Omori def. Ryuki Honda
  • TAJIRI def. Devil Murasaki
  • Yoshitatsu def. Hikaru Sato
  • Abdullah Kobayashi def. Dan Tamura
  • Koji Iwamoto def. Koji Doi
  • Shotaro Ashino def. Yuma Aoyagi

 Results from Day 2

  • Atsuki Aoyagi def. TAJIRI
  • Shuji Ishikawa def.  Akira Francesco
  • Shigehiro Irie def. Yoshitatsu
  • Ayato Yoshida def. Hokuto Omori
  • Shotaro Ashino def. Zeus
  • Suwama def. Abdullah Kobayashi
  • Kento Miyahara def. T-Hawk
  • Jake Lee def. Koji Iwamoto

Results from Day 3

  • Shotaro Ashino def. Atsuki Aoyagi
  • Suwama def. Shigehiro Irie
  • Jake Lee def. Ayato Yoshida
  • Kento Miyahara def. Shuji Ishikawa

Bracket Update for Royal Road Finals Night on August 29

  • Royal Road Semi-Final: Jake Lee vs. Shotaro Ashino
  • Royal Road Semi-Final: Kento Miyahara vs. Suwama
  • Royal Road Final


Both of these matches feature four of the biggest stars in All Japan Pro Wrestling at the moment. With both matches representing two major stories for the company. Suwama vs. Kento Miyahara is the Ace vs. Former Ace dynamic. With Miyahara wanting to do anything to get back the Triple Crown Championship that he lost to Suwama in March of 2020. Suwama however wants to get back his championship that he didn’t rightfully lose when he had to vacate it due to COVID-19.

Jake Lee vs. Shotaro Ashino has been the main story of AJPW since February 2021, with these two kicking off a series of matches together. The current record between them is 2-0, with Jake Lee winning the previous bouts. Jake Lee, Suwama, and Kento Miyahara have all won this tournament in the past. Shotaro Ashino has been a major focus in the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship scene, challenging for the belt three times since his debut for AJPW in 2020. He was also Jake Lee’s first challenger making it unlikely that he will win the tournament.

Jake Lee winning the tournament would be something completely out of the ordinary, as the Triple Crown Champion has never won this tournament before.  Who will be the final 2? We think Suwama and Shotaro Ashino.  We have a feeling that Suwama is the next challenger for the belt. However, Lee could make his own bit of history as the second back-to-back winner, while also being the first Triple Crown Champion to do such an accomplishment. All will be known on the finals night on August 29.

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