What’s Next for AAA After Triplemania?

Triplemania XXIX tag title match
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Triplemania XXIX has come and gone and while opinions may vary on how good or bad the show truly was, there is no denying that what happened during the annual Lucha libre extravaganza will definitely have major repercussions for the company’s product in the upcoming months so we now take a look at what we might expect from the Mexican promotion in the near future.

This year’s edition of Triplemania delivered on the usual amount of crazy high spots, shocking surprises, and a man walking out hairless.  After a little over 18 months of taping shows with no live audiences and not having shows at all, it looks like AAA is getting back into their usual role as a major player in worldwide wrestling, but only time will tell.

To be perfectly fair to the company and the show itself, Triplemania XXIX had its fair share of less than stellar moments like wrestlers such as Hijo del Vikingo, Brian Cage, and Taurus among others blatantly wrestling more than once as a part of the Marvel exhibition match, the shocking debut of the Nueva Generación Dinamita resulting in an alliance with La Empresa for no reason at all, and most notably some of the matches falling below fans’ expectations specifically the extreme six-man tag, the title vs title women’s match and the much-anticipated dream match between Andrade and Kenny Omega.

Firstly, the debut of Forastero, Cuatrero, and Sansón was done close to perfection as the members of one of the Lucha libre royal families made their presence felt and will undoubtedly play a major role in AAA going forward.

When talking about the immediate future of AAA you absolutely have got to include these three me.  They consistently proved during their time in CMLL why they deserve a spot in a top company.  Keeping in mind all three are still under 30 and possess all the Lucha libre knowledge in the world thanks to their family’s legendary careers there is nowhere but up for the new Dinamita legacy in AAA.

Later on in the show, we bared witness to the first international match up of the card where “the Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo not only retained the IMPACT Knockouts Championship but also became the new Reina de Reinas champion when she defeated Faby Apache in, let’s be honest, an outside interference and heel referee antics filled 10-minute match.

Now this result is particularly noteworthy for AAA because even if this is not the first time an international superstar has held the women’s title, both Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie have held the championship in the past. This looks to be the first time the title will be presented and hopefully defended outside of AAA.

With IMPACT’s women’s roster continuously growing and rumors indicating that more and more AAA wrestlers will be able to make appearances for both IMPACT and AEW it can only be beneficial for the Mexican promotion to have their female world title being showcased and defended in as many places, against as many international wrestlers and as regularly as possible.

Finally, this past Saturday’s event saw most notably the somewhat surprising retention of Kenny Omega as MegaChampion which at first sparked rumors about All Elite Wrestling officials having the last call on who ultimately walked out as champ but as it was noted by Dave Meltzer earlier in the week, it was in fact Kenny Omega who pitched to lose the championship. It was AAA’s well-known official Dorian Roldan who made the final call on Omega retaining over Andrade.

While this decision of having Omega retain has been criticized by a portion of the fanbase, including former MegaChampion Alberto el Patron, it should be noted that neither Andrade nor Omega are under contract with AAA and both are under contract with AEW which means we shouldn’t expect whoever walked out as champion to appear regularly for AAA. With this in mind, we actually believe Kenny Omega to have been the right choice to walk out of Triplemania with the gold as there is still plenty of competition for him to face down south. People like Pagano, Psycho Clown, and especially fan favorite Hijo del Vikingo are dream pay-per-view main event championship matches just waiting to happen and all three seem unlikely to happen anywhere outside of AAA.

In conclusion, if this show was anything to go off of AAA looks to be getting back on track where they left off before the pandemic. Now that foreign non-contracted wrestlers hold their two biggest titles in Omega and Purrazzo and also non-contracted wrestlers hold the belts in the Lucha Brothers it looks as if the alliance with All Elite Wrestling is going to continue thriving and being beneficial for both companies.