Could Christian Cage be the next IMPACT World Champion?

Christian Cage 2021
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A lot of IMPACT Wrestling news broke (ironically) on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, including that Christian Cage was going to take a double shot at Kenny Omega.

The IMPACT World championship, which has been in the hands of an AEW wrestler for the past four months, will be up for grabs on Friday night. In the debut episode of AEW Rampage, two members of the All Elite roster will battle for IMPACT’s highest prize. The ‘forbidden door’ hasn’t just been knocked down, it’s been blown to bits.

Oh? And, after that… Christian will also challenge Omega at AEW All Out for the AEW World title.

But first thing’s first.

Don Callis fired Kenny Omega IMPACT Wrestling
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Since Omega took the IMPACT world title, there has been a bit of a quandary. Who is worthy of unseating the Best Bout Machine without ruining his reputation in his own promotion? After all, AEW has certainly put all their eggs in his basket, and they don’t appear interested in cracking them any time soon.

Cage, an ageless veteran and respected superstar, may just be the answer to that question.

Despite the fact that he is technically under an AEW contract, Christian is still revered by the hardcore IMPACT fans. His arrival several years ago was embraced by their audience, and he had arguably his greatest career success in TNA. He’s a former NWA world heavyweight champion and is considered one of ‘their own’.

So there’s a chance for a homecoming, of sorts.

At some point, AEW is going to have to get out from underneath Omega holding the IMPACT title, and Friday night is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Christian Cage AEW
Photo credit: AEW

A Christian victory over Omega is a win-win for everyone involved. It absolves Kenny of the responsibility of the IMPACT title, and it gives Christian Cage one more walk in the sun as IMPACT World Champion. Just an image of him appearing on an an episode of IMPACT, holding the belt up for his ‘peeps’ would be an amazingly heroic moment in wrestling history.

He wouldn’t even have to have the gold for very long; he could serve as a transitional titleholder. The symbolism would be all that mattered.

Also? It would be beneficial for AEW as well. If Christian does manage to win this first title match? It only sets the stage for their ultimate showdown at All Out on September 5th. It could create all kinds of questions on whether or not Cage can go 2-0… or will Omega at least hold on to one of his belts?

There’s a distinct possibility that Omega will win this initial match on Rampage and continue the ‘multiple champion’ gimmick. But if the forbidden door is truly going to be broken down? It’s only fitting that an IMPACT alumni ends his run with their franchise’s title and therefore, we could see Christian Cage become world champion once more.

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