Notes from Cody Rhodes AEW Media Briefing Ahead of Dynamite: Homecoming

AEW Dynamite Homecoming

On Tuesday, AEW held a special media briefing with Cody Rhodes ahead of Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite: Homecoming. Last Word on Sports took part in the call and has plenty of notable notes on what Rhodes had to say regarding Malakai Black’s debut in the company, a potential stadium show, Bray Wyatt, and so much more.

Here’s a look at what Rhodes had to say Tuesday:

Malakai Black’s Signing

— GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor asked Cody about the debut of Malakai Black and if the sudden signing of Black had to change any creative plans. Rhodes answered by saying that no plans changed for the company in terms of creative direction. Made the point that when someone of the caliber like Black becomes available, you need to act upon it to bring him in. Finished up by saying that he had no connections to the deal seeing that he was kicked the night of Black’s debut and it was Tony Khan who handled that signing. Rhodes also stated that we will all find out together as to whether or not the magic and passion are there for Black at AEW Dynamite: Homecoming.

Expanding the AEW Roster

— SEScoops asked about AEW’s expanding roster and if they are reaching capacity with such limited time on television. He made the point that “you can’t wish away good talent.” Rhodes said that Khan deals with this in the NFL as well, sighting that if a talent that moves the needle becomes available, they should go after them.

Potential shows in the United Kingdom

— “If you run a wrestling company and don’t plan on going to the UK, I don’t think you really run a wrestling company,” Rhodes said when asked by Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy about a potential show in the UK in the future. He also imagined the match between himself and Anthony Ogogo going down there, but of course, the global pandemic did not allow that. Finished off the answer by saying that it will come down to the variant and vaccinations as to when they get there or not. Did hint that they are looking and hope to do it in the future despite it not being on the set schedule right now.

Rampage’s difference from Dynamite and Dark

— Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald asked Cody if there will be a difference between Rampage and AEW’s other shows. Rhodes said that the show will be more centered around the “fight itself” with it being a one-hour time slot. Also gives the semi-spoiler that he thinks (emphasis on the thinks) that the canvas with the logo in the center will be returning for Rampage.

Is there space for Bray Wyatt in AEW?

— Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. brought up Bray Wyatt, who was released from WWE this past weekend. He asked if there was space for him on the AEW roster as well. Rhodes brought up that he was Wyatt’s coach on the second season of NXT when it was a game show. Rhodes then makes the statement that while he cannot go into there being a spot for Wyatt in AEW but credited him for how creative he is. Continuing on that, Rhodes added that if Wyatt “has an ounce of passion for this,” he can fit in anywhere.

No plans of turning heel in the future for Cody

— Izzy of The Hot Tag With Izzy asked Rhodes about his upcoming match with Malakai Black this Wednesday night at AEW Dynamite: Homecoming. She asked how can he stop himself from following Black’s goal of turning him into the dark. Rhodes made it clear that he doesn’t have a heel bone left in his body after doing it for 10 years. He compared it to when Brodie Lee had shown up last year and believes that no matter what, it will be a massive match and is looking forward to how it sounds and feels when it goes down.

Has AEW considered doing a stadium show?

Fightful‘s Sean Ross Sapp asked if a stadium show was in the future for AEW following the ticket sales of both the United Center in Chicago and Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Rhodes made it a point that a stadium show is a goal for him moving forward. He made it clear that while it has not been formally discussed, they’re all thinking about it. Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI was the stadium that Rhodes believed would be a good spot down the line.

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