Preview: Chaotic Wrestling “Chaotic Countdown” (7/16/21)

Chaotic Countdown Poster

Though we have not been to a Chaotic Wrestling show since before the pandemic, they have always been a staple in the Massachusetts wrestling scene. The shows that we went to always seemed to go above and beyond to deliver excitement and send the fans home happy. Though this is not their first live event back with fans it is a good place to come back because of the match lineup. They say that less is more and so far only four matches have been announced for Chaotic Countdown but they are four huge matches. First off, there will be a huge Tag Team Championship match that is set to be decided with Tables, Ladders, and Chairs!

Chaotic Tag Team Championship: MSP (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid) (c) vs TJ Crawford & Love, Doug vs Mortar & Max vs UNIT (Trigga The OG & Ace Romero)

The current reigning and defending Chaotic Tag Team Champions are MSP, who we feel couldn’t have possibly been more on the verge of breaking out right before the pandemic hit. If we were living in a world where the pandemic didn’t put a stop to fans attending live wrestling shows one could argue that MSP would be the biggest tag team in the world right now. They defend their titles against three other teams who are certainly ready to use the TLC weapons to take those titles from the champions.

On one side of the match you have the team of Love, Doug, and TJ Crawford, easily two of the best wrestlers in the indies today. TJ Crawford always exceeds expectations in every match but to put him in a TLC environment is just going to be insane. Love, Doug is one of the wrestlers who really became a breakout star during the pandemic (through Chaotic, Limitless, and wherever else he could find love) but he is as tough as he is loved and so to see him in this match is also going to be a sight.

Also in this match are the team of Mortar (fka CJ Cruz) and Max Smashmaster. The last time this writer was at a live Chaotic Wrestling show Max Smashmaster was actually doing commentary, but he returned to the ring over the course of the pandemic. We’ve seen CJ Cruz in Chaotic before as well, but this will be our first time seeing him as Mortar. The Unit is a stable that is led by JT Dunn and this tag team consists of Trigga the OG (aka Triplelicious) and Ace Romero.

Adam Booker vs Brad Casher

Adam Booker is an old-school veteran of professional wrestling and at Chaotic Countdown he will defend his New England Championship against Brad Cashew in a two out of three falls match. Adam Booker already has a victory over Brad Cashew, but the 2 out of 3 Falls match stipulation might favor the younger challenger. Just one week prior to this event, Brad Cashew challenged Kellan Thomas for the LPW Championship if anyone has it in them right now to become a champion it is Brad Cashew. This is going to be an outstanding match to watch.

Chaotic Championship: JT Dunn (c) vs Alexander Hammerstone

Facebook also confirmed that Chaotic Champion JT Dunn will be defending the title against Alexander Hammerstone. The last time we attended Chaotic Wrestling live we saw Hammerstone vs Anthony Greene and JT Dunn was still one-half of the tag team champions with Davienne before they had a rather messy breakup. JT Dunn is and has been one of the best wrestlers in the world for quite some time and with Hammerstone collecting gold in companies such as Major League Wrestling and Global Syndicate Wrestling it only feels fitting that he might walk away champion here as well.

Chaotic Countdown

The main event, the biggest match on the show is a 30 person over the top rope rumble-style match. Competitors have not been announced yet but the poster for this event features Ricky Smokes, Chase Del Monte, Becca, and Davienne so you could expect any of them to show up during this match. The participants in other matches on this show- because of the championship opportunities and the stipulations- will likely not be involved in this match up but thirty spots feels like a lot to fill when they are all seemingly unknown.

While wrestlers such as Higher Society, Mike Verna, and Scotty Slade all call Chaotic Wrestling home, we expect to see them in this match along with some other surprises. Without thinking too much about who can or will show up during this match, I will throw one name out there who I believe has the best chance of being a surprise return and that name is Anthony Greene. Before the pandemic, he was Retro AG, and now post-pandemic he is coming back as The Alternative Anthony Greene.

Announcing the return of Anthony Greene to Chaotic Wrestling would be a great way to sell tickets in advance so it feels like it might be foolish for them to hold out on such a surprise but at the same time, front row seats are already sold out so it doesn’t feel like that big of an issue. Fans will seemingly go to this show live and watch it when it ends up streaming simply because of that element of surprise. The show won’t be a letdown in any way if Anthony Greene doesn’t return, but I feel fairly certain that this will be his first match back.

All indications seem to point to Chaotic Countdown not streaming live anywhere but rather likely being aired at a later date on their Twitch channel. This means that if you are in the area and can get to this show to experience it in person you really should. Three title matches have been booked for certain and each one of those is enough of a reason to put down money for a ticket. We also wouldn’t be surprised if a match was added for the Chaotic Women’s Championship. But then you just have the 30 person rumble match and that’s going to be so much fun because of the element of surprise.

Chaotic Countdown takes place on July 16th, 2021 at Gametime Sports & Fitness in Lowell, MA.  Tickets can be purchased and more information can be found by clicking on:

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