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Preview: NXT UK (7/8/21) – Blair Davenport to Debut

Blair Davenport as Bea Priestley with Stardom tag title

Blair Davenport will debut during an action-packed NXT UK emanating from the BT Sports Studio. There will be an opportunity for Subculture to earn a Tag Team Championship shot, the meeting of the cockroach and the peacock, and a guaranteed slugfest between Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven.

NXT UK will air on the WWE Network and Peacock at 8 pm GMT/3 pm EST on July 8. Fans in the UK can also watch the show a day later on BT Sport.

NXT UK Card (7/8/21) – Blair Davenport Debut

  • Tag Team Championship Opportunity: Mark Andrews vs. Lewis Howley 
  • Bea Priestley vs. Laura Di Matteo 
  • Kenny Williams vs. Nathan Frazer 
  • Eddie Dennis vs. Trent Seven 

Andrews Aims To Earn Subculture Title Shot

Pretty Deadly has been rubbing people up the wrong way since winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championships in February. Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker have seen any tag team match as a personal invitation for them to contribute guest commentary. They’ve been brash about themselves and cutting about the in-ring competitors.

Subculture – the stable comprising Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, and Dani Luna – confronted Pretty Deadly after they trash-talked over one of their matches. They challenged them to put their money (Tag Team Championship) where their mouths are. But Pretty Deadly said they’d have to earn a shot.

Mark Andrews will fight Lewis Howley and if he wins Subculture will get their shot.

Blair Davenport Will Debut

England will play football against Italy in the final of the European Championships on Sunday and this match will act as a perfect warm-up. The English-New Zealand Blair Davenport (formally known as Bea Priestley) will debut against the Italian Laura Di Matteo. Di Matteo made her debut a few weeks ago and didn’t get much of a chance to show what she’s worth. Hopefully, she’ll get in a bit more offense in this match even though it will all be about hyping up Blair Davenport.

Will The Cockroach Outlast The Peacock?

Kenny Williams’ disdain for Nathan Frazer was at first a little odd. He seemed to devalue Frazer because he was training in the gym with ‘old men’ instead of proving himself against current superstars in the ring.

But last week Williams added some layers to his beef with Frazer. He said Frazer was nothing but a proud peacock that would never last. Williams sees himself as the scum of the earth and similar to the indestructible cockroach. Williams will get the chance to prove he can outlast Frazer and live up to his claims.

Dennis Looks To Prove He Still Has Seven’s Number

Trent Seven has been vocal about his pride in being a ‘founding father’ of NXT UK. These claims have unsurprisingly brought some heels that have been with NXT UK since its inception out of the woodwork. First Sam Gradwell tried – and failed – to prove he was as much of an originator as Seven. Now, Eddie Dennis has taken umbrage with Seven’s claims.

But Dennis has something Gradwell didn’t. A win against Seven on one of the biggest nights in NXT UK’s history – Takeover: Blackpool II. There’s controversy surrounding Dennis’ win that night, which was aided by an exposed turnbuckle. Seven has avenged that loss but “The Swansea Savant” has still enjoyed reminding him of it. Seven will look to shut Dennis’s mouth once and for all.

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