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Brock Anderson: What to Know About the Son of the AEW Enforcer

Brock Anderson AEW

This Friday, on AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes will do battle with former ally QT Marshall and upstart Aaron Solow. However, “The American Nightmare” won’t be going into battle alone. Teaming with Rhodes will be Brock Anderson, the son of “The Enforcer” and current All Elite Wrestling head coach Arn Anderson. To say that this is a big moment for Brock would be an understatement. Here’s what to know about the young Anderson prior to his AEW in-ring debut.

How the Match Came to Be

This upcoming AEW Dynamite match took form following the events of last week’s show. Cody Rhodes stood in the ring with Arn and Brock Anderson as “The American Nightmare” was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Rhodes heaped immense praise on Brock, saying that “he wasn’t just born on third base” but would “steal home plate.” In other words, Rhodes believed that Brock could be a future star in professional wrestling. The segment was soon interrupted by QT Marshall, who accused Rhodes and his allies of nepotism, believing that multi-generational stars in the industry were being favored instead of the likes of The Factory . Marshall would proceed to challenge Rhodes to a future match, a Strap Match to be exact. Rhodes gladly accepted the challenge, ready to fight then and there.

However, Marshall took an unnecessary cheap shot by whipping Arn Anderson with his belt. In retaliation, Brock Anderson took Marshall down to the mat, proceeding to throw multiple mounted munches. AEW officials quickly rushed to break up the altercation as Marshall escaped behind the curtain, leaving a fuming Brock in the ring. If Brock’s AEW in-ring debut wasn’t already monumental enough, this encounter brought undeniable personal stakes to the mix.

What to Know About Brock Anderson

AEW fans may be familiar with Brock Anderson, as he was a sporadic member of the ringside during the pandemic era of wrestling. This past February, on AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes teamed with fellow Nightmare Family member Lee Johnson in a winning effort over Cezar Bononi and “Pretty” Peter Avalon. As Rhodes made his entrance, he stopped to shake hands with a young gentleman in this audience. This individual was none other than Brock. On an episode of Coach’s Corner, which was uploaded on the official AEW YouTube channel days later, Arn shed more light on his son and efforts in professional wrestling.

According to Arn Anderson, Brock was working his way toward consideration for a spot in AEW. Arn also made mention of his son’s recent tryout match with John Skyler, which the son of “The Enforcer” did well in. Despite being the son of a well-regarded wrestler, it’s been said that Brock will “pay his dues” just like anyone else. Leading to his AEW Dynamite in-ring debut, Brock Anderson has been training at The Nightmare Factory. This training facility has produced multiple aspiring talents, with some appearing on AEW programming to varying degrees. Such names include Brooke Havok, Carlie Bravo, and Dean Alexander.

Brock Anderson will team with Cody Rhodes to face QT Marshall and Aaron Solow this Friday night on AEW Dynamite. It’s already been confirmed that, on the July 7 edition of AEW Dynamite, Rhodes and Marshall will face off in a South Beach Strap Match. Furthermore, don’t be surprised to see Brock surprise those that have not yet been exposed to his budding skill set.

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