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Match Point: Jun Akiyama vs HARASHIMA, CyberFight Festival (6/6/21)

Jun Akiyama vs HARASHIMA CyberFight Festival

Match Point is an on-going series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. With the mega-event known as CyberFight Festival fast approaching, there are many anticipated bouts. Let’s take a look at the KO-D Openweight Championship match: Jun Akiyama vs HARASHIMA.

CyberFight Festival is aiming to be one of the largest events in DDT Pro history. Four different promotions, under the CyberFight umbrella, will come together to hold one 15-match card event. From the first mentions of this event, one detail was confirmed: all three major titles would be on the line. The story behind the KO-D Openweight Championship defense tells a battle of two conflicting forces going up against each other. This match, of course, is Jun Akiyama vs HARASHIMA.

Jun Akiyama is the current reigning KO-D Openweight Champion. He debuted for DDT Pro in the middle of the pandemic as a guest coach. Eventually, he became more prominent. In early 2021, he signed on as a head coach. This news broke one day after winning the KO-D Openweight Championship at Kawasaki Strong 2021. Since then, he took on all challengers in his path. He also expressed attitude to the DDT fans, showcasing a sense of pride in the company. His first two defenses were against his most vocal critics. In fact, every match he wrestled, it seemed, was against a critic.

In this upcoming match, not only does he face perhaps the greatest representative of DDT but their most decorated star.

HARASHIMA comes into this match as one-half of the KO-D Tag Team Champions. The leader of Disaster Box is no stranger to high-pressure opponents when it means representing the company, having done so against Hiroshi Tanahashi. As such, HARASHIMA seems intent on sending a message to Akiyama. having not only knocked him out causing him to be sent out on a stretcher but recently adopting Akiyama’s own finishing hold to finish matches.

Jun Akiyama vs HARASHIMA is a match about the vision of the future. Akiyama has been in DDT for just about a year now, so hesitation has been seen from those that have been in the company longer. To defeat HARASHIMA in a match that outshines all would silence every critic. To lose now would put Akiyama back at square one.

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