Preview: NXT UK — Dar vs. Dragunov and Brown vs. Coffey (6/3/21)

Noam Dar Ilja Dragunov NXT UK

NXT UK will kick off a new month of programming with four of its biggest stars in action as Noam Dar tangles with Ilja Dragunov and Rampage Brown takes on Joe Coffey. Dar is the only one of the four men not to have been given a shot at WALTER and his NXT UK Championship. This episode could be a good one to keep an eye on to see who might step up to challenge WALTER next.

NXT UK will air on the WWE Network and Peacock at 8 pm GMT/3 pm EST on May 20. Fans in the UK can also watch the show a day later on BT Sport at 10 pm. 

The Madman and The Clown: Dragunov vs. Dar 

This match features two superstars with the most clearly defined characters on the NXT UK roster. Dragunov is a nice guy who respects and values his fellow competitors. But he is also highly prone to extreme rage blackouts in the ring that result in him seriously harming his opponents. Dar loves to wind people up as often seen on his “Supernova Sessions.” He also doesn’t enjoy being overlooked as a credible grappler. This match between the two was set when Dar tried to antagonize Dragunov on his chat show by presenting him with a stuffed ‘Lenny The Therapy Dog.’  Dragunov kept his calm but called Dar a clown. This provoked Dar enough for him to brag he would prove he wasn’t a joke in the ring against Dragunov.

Storyline aside, these two both have pretty much consistently great matches so this is sure to be a fantastic bout. 

Unfinished Business Between Brown And Coffey 

This match was set a few weeks ago when both men agreed they had unfinished business. Rampage Brown defeated Joe Coffey when they last met in February. That victory set Brown up to be the next challenger to WALTER’s NXT UK Championship. Brown lost against WALTER and will be looking to prove he’s still got it against Joe Coffey. Coffey can’t really take another loss to Brown. It’ll reflect that Brown has his number and is deserving of another shot at WALTER before Coffey. If Coffey gets the win here it’ll almost definitely set up a deciding match.

What Else Could Happen? 

We can expect plenty more over the NXT UK hour on top of Dar vs. Dragunov and Brown vs. Coffey. We should get the final hype for the NXT UK Women’s Championship match between Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura, which will take place next week. Also, Jack Starz is on the hunt for a tag team partner to challenge Pretty Deadly to their titles. 

Subculture will likely respond to Joseph Conners and Jinny, who trash-talked them last week. We will also get a third match but that has yet to be announced.  

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