Preview: DDT – Max Bump 2021 (5/4/21)

DDT Max Bump 2021

Another Max Bump event affected by another State of Emergency? It would seem that this is the case. Last year, this was consolidated into one of the DDT TV Shows. The show will go on, albeit with no audience. This was how a majority of DDT shows were held in 2020, with only limited capacity returning. The card for Max Bump 2021 remains unchanged and will stream on Wrestle Universe.

Kikutaro vs. Antonio Honda vs. Danshoku Dieno

Kikutaro has had a rough time recently in America. This match is a combined effort from Antonio Honda and Danshoku Dieno to try and put a smile on his face. This is how the match is advertised, so while not much pure wrestling may come from these three, great action will come from these masters of the art of comedy wrestling.

Akito vs. Mad Paulie

Akito squares up with one of DAMNATION‘s bruisers. It will be an uphill climb for the EVP of DDT as Mad Paulie‘s size may take out most of his submissions. Akito has shown a ton of heart when he is outmatched, leading to a victory. Perhaps he can do it again at Max Bump 2021.

DDT Max Bump 2021

KO-D 8 Man Tag Team Championship: Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Chikara, and Nabe Yakan (c) vs. Keigo Nakamura, Hideki Okatani, Toui Kojima, and Yuya Koroku

In the March defense of the KO-D 8 Man Tag Team Titles, they changed hands. At Max Bump 2021, the new champions take on a quartet of young lions. It’s an interesting challenge for sure, as anything can happen. The group of challengers is talented, placing that much more of a spotlight in this fight between current and future stars.

The 37Kamina (Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata, and MAO) vs. DAMNATION (Daisuke Sasaki, Yuji Hino, and Tetsuya Endo) vs. Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi and Yukio Sakaguchi) and Yuki Iino

Arguably the top three factions go at it in this three-way, and all of them are putting their best foot forward. Most notably. on the 37Kamina front is Konosuke Takeshita. who just had an impressive showing on All Elite Wrestling (AEW). DAMNATION is not only bringing out Tetsuya Endo and Daisuke Sasaki but Yuji Hino, who has been more than impressive since his debut. Finally, Eruption is looking to get some momentum back after not only Kazusada Higuchi‘s failed challenge to Jun Akiyama, but Eruption losing the tag titles to Smile Pissari. For a third member, they have brought on Yuki Iino, who is interesting. In addition to a grudge being held by Eruption, Yuji Hino has been left unaffiliated by the formation of The 37Kamina. This will be a very competitive match to see who is on top.

Chris Brookes Saki Akai

Title vs. Title: Chris Brookes (DDT Extreme Championship) vs. Saki Akai (DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship)

Chris Brookes and Saki Akai take each other on with the winner walking out with both the DDT Extreme and Ironman Heavymetalweight Championships. Given that this is an Extreme Title match, Brookes was given the right to choose the stipulation for his defense. He chose regular pro wrestling rules; no flash, no gimmicks. Only one can walk out of Max Bump 2021 with both titles. Will it be Brookes or the only current member of Eruption holding gold in Akai?

DDT Max Bump 2021

Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi, and Yusuke Okada vs. DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata)

HARASHIMA just won the KO-D Tag Team Championship, but he already has his mind set on larger goals. Recently, he challenged Jun Akiyama for the KO-D Openweight title. This match was approved and set for the June 6th CyberFight Festival as DDT’s title showing. At Max Bump 2021, however, HARASHIMA and Akiyama will engage in a tag match to feel each other out. Most interesting is the story set by Makoto Oishi, who is reluctant to participate in the sillier things since joining Junretsu. In this match, there may be some silliness. Overall, we will see who seizes momentum on the last big showing before the title match.

DDT Max Bump 2021

DDT Universal Championship: Yuki Ueno (c) vs. Soma Takao

Yuki Ueno has been flourishing as a singles star, earning shots at top belts. When he earned a chance at the DDT Universal Championship, Ueno won it. From here, he defended it successfully, racking up four defenses against tough competition. In the main event of Max Bump 2021, he takes on a threat in Soma Takao, who has been sneakily building up a huge resume of wins for himself. Most notably, this past March, he captured the KO-D Six Man Tag Team Championship. Could there be two double champions at the end of the night or will Ueno hold out for defense five in the main event?

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