#AndNEW: Myron Reed Wins the AAW Heritage Championship

Myron Reed AAW Heritage Championship

In the main event of the seventh episode of AAW Pro’s recently revitalized AAW ALIVE show, Myron Reed successfully challenged Hakim Zane for the AAW Heritage Championship. The match, which headlined the taped show, is the most recent addition to a feud between Zane and Reed in AAW. This feud has been ongoing for almost two years at this point, dating all the way back to Hakim Zane’s 2019 return to AAW. Myron Reed had finally gotten the revenge he’s been seeking since that fateful day when he was attacked by Zane inside Logan Square Auditorium.

Since Zane’s return, he has gone on a tear in AAW, becoming one of the few men in history to challenge the AAW World Champion. All the while, he held the AAW Heritage Title, a belt he won at the end of 2019. Meanwhile, Reed had only made sporadic appearances for the company over the past couple of years, most notable of which when he unsuccessfully challenged The Besties in the World for the AAW Tag Team titles alongside AR Fox in February of 2020.

While Hakim Zane was a formidable Heritage Champion for the 400+ days he held the belt, Myron Reed is highly considered one of the best wrestlers on the indies today; Reed will bring a whole new spirit to the AAW Heritage Title from this day forward. This also means that Reed is one step closer to etching his name in history as the sixth man to achieve the AAW Triple Crown, now only being a world championship win away from making this dream a reality.

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