Rhino Joins Violent By Design at Sacrifice

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IMPACT Wrestling’s Sacrifice pay-per-view began with a shocking bang, as one of the companies top babyface legends has just made a critical decision. In the final moments of a hard-hitting matchup between the team of Chris Sabin and James Storm and Violent By Design’s Joe Doering and Deaner, the ref was accidentally taken out, allowing chaos to ensue. In the smoke, IMPACT legend Rhino made his return from his brief hiatus, quickly making his intentions known. Before Sabin could embrace the ECW alum, Rhino would spear him, allowing Deaner to pick up the shocking pinfall over Sabin. Rhino stood tall with VBD at the end, insinuating that he has officially joined forces with the harbingers of mayhem in IMPACT.

Eric Young returned to IMPACT Wrestling last year, quickly winning the IMPACT World Championship against Eddie Edwards. However, after dropping the title soon after, Young began pronouncing that the world of professional wrestling was in need of a “cure.” This “cure” soon came in the form of former AJPW star Joe Doering, who joined the preachings of the “World Class Maniac.” In a similar betrayal to Rhino’s, Deaner would later be injected with the cure, causing him to turn on his cousin and former tag team partner Jake Something, who was at ringside for this match. Rhino joins Doering as the two heavy hitters of the group and is sure to add his unique brand of violence to the faction.

This turn is surprising for Rhino, who has been one of the locker room leaders in IMPACT since his return in 2019. However, since returning, he has been betrayed by former partner Rob Van Dam and been sidelined due to his partner Heath being injured. He also won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound for Glory, which was quickly forgotten about. This new change in attitude could be Rhino’s strain of misfortune making him susceptible to the teachings of Eric Young. It will be interesting to see where Heath will lie once he does return from injury.

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