NWA Star Jocephus Passes Away


News has broke from William Corgan of the NWA that Jocephus has passed away following a sudden medical issue.  Fans of the NWA will likely know the Jocephus character from his feud with Tim Storm but he also played the role of Question Mark during some of the later day NWA Powerrrr episodes.  Let’s take a look back at the career of the 10+ year veteran.

Debuting in 2009 Jocephus immediately became a regular for Tennessee-based promotion Unites States Wrestling Organisation (USWO)and was a four-time USWO Champion by 2012 with his last reign lasting over 300 days.  When USWO shut down his home promotion became Resistance Pro Wrestling (RPW) where he was a two-time tag team champion and RPW Heavyweight Champion.  During this time he also had two quick runs as NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.

Jocephus found prominence with the revival of the NWA and the beginning of the Ten Pounds Of Gold series.  His promo skills and character work drew in many fans who were seeing him for the first time as he went after NWA Champion Tim Storm for many months.  Their feud ended when Jocephus and his Spiritual Advisor lost a hair vs hair match to Storm and David Arquette, this followed a number of grudge matches between Storm and his adversary that failed to satisfy their hatred for one another.  Jocephus’ character work throughout that feud was continuously fantastic as his character always found new lows to sink to, it was a refreshing pro wrestling performance that earned him many fans.

Not just good at his Jocephus character the man behind the gimmick took on the role of Question Mark, alongside the Aron Stevens the Question Mark was a well-liked character in NWA Powerrr.  This character once again showcased the talents of Jocephus as he and Stevens got over thanks to the strange character captivating fans.  According to Cagematch Jocephus’ final match was as the Question Mark against the legendary Rock N Roll Express, and if you ask us there’s no better way to go out.

Last Word on Pro Wrestling sends our condolences to Jocephus’ fans, friends, and fans during this hard time.  If you can spare anything please consider donating to a memorial GoFundMe to help his wife and son at this tough time.

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