Why Xavier Woods Deserves a Singles Push

Xavier Woods
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Xavier Woods has been the glue that kept “The New Day” intact. The legendary group would not be the success that it is today without him. But Woods has often been overlooked in favor of the veteran Kofi Kingston and the mastodon future main-eventer that is Big E. When the stable was winning tag-team gold it was often a combination of Kingston and Big E that competed. Leaving the underrated hype man relegated to the sidelines to play cheerleader at ringside. When Kingston won the WWE Championship, Both men were there to bear witness to the fulfillment of “KofiMania”. Big E won the Intercontinental Championship on the final SmackDown of 2020. Thus, WWE strapping the metaphorical rocket to the back of the big man and it’s only a matter of time before he wins his first world title.

Xavier was of course there for the ride and was genuinely happy for his New Day brethren. With that being said, one could make the argument that Woods had a big role in the success of both his teammates. Which begs the question, when is it his turn? He is more than capable enough and deserving to get a sustained push. There is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that Xavier Woods deserves his own singles run sooner rather than later.

Kofi Kingston
Xavier Woods: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

Xavier Woods Has Proven His Talents Time and Time Again

When The New Day was formed, they went from a modern-day spin on “The Nation of Domination” to an annoying preacher heel group that fans despised. As time went by fans fell in love with the three of them and a huge part of that could be attributed to Xavier Woods’s natural charisma on the microphone. The man is easy to love with his happy-go-lucky nature and a smile that shines from a mile away. Xavier could make you feel every emotion in one single promo. He is also relatable to many, especially kids. Woods is an avid gamer who has his very own Youtube gaming channel called “UpUpDownDown”, where he puts out videos of him playing with other WWE superstars. The platform shows a human and grounded side of the performer which endeared him more to the WWE Universe.

A born babyface that fans want to get behind, one has not seen a natural lovable good guy since the likes of John Cena. New Day has been one of the top merchandise-sellers of the last decade. So it is not hard to imagine Xavier Woods merchandise flying off the shelves as soon as it is made available. It definitely bodes well for WWE from a business standpoint to have someone with such marketable mainstream appeal. Speaking of Mainstream drawing power. Xavier has signed on to be a host for the relaunch of the gaming network G4. It just goes to show that WWE has a star with huge crossover potential on their hands and they must capitalize on it.

Xavier Woods is not a slouch either when it comes to the ring. Woods’s in-ring work is impeccable although often unnoticed. And that is due to his partnership with Kofi and Big E. But as evidenced by his IMPACT Wrestling work as Consequences Creed. He is a magnificent worker with an arsenal that easily can make a crowd pop. Not to mention his short stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Where he teamed with the likes of Kota Ibushi, Togi Makabe, and Tomoaki Honma. He has more than plied his trade and proved that there’s an edge to his in-ring style when it is needed. As mentioned earlier, he is an above-average promo man. Among The New Day members, Woods is possibly the best on the mic out of the three talented men. So possibly venturing alone would be a daunting task but an attainable one.

The split of The New Day on separate brands was a sad one for many fans. But finally, Woods has the platform to showcase his true capabilities and he has not disappointed one bit. His recent outings on RAW has been outstanding, one of the lone bright spots on the flailing red brand. No doubt he had this fire in him all along but now is the time to fully invest in him. It’s time for WWE to realize that Xavier Woods was never the third-fiddle. He is not the Marty Jannetty to the Shawn Michaels of his cohorts. He was just waiting in the wings to prove everybody wrong and stake his claim as a big-time player in the WWE. To borrow an adage from a Marvel Comics villain, Xavier Woods is inevitable.

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