Championship Wrestling From Hollywood – Episode 500 Notes

Episode 500
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While the United Wrestling Network and Primetime Live have been on hiatus, Dave Marquez has kept busy with his other promotion Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Last week, CWFH uploaded part 1 of the 500th episode extravaganza on YouTube and FiteTV, including a top title changing hands. This weekend, part 2 of episode 500 became available for streaming on YouTube. Here’s everything to know about the event as CWFH celebrates 10 years and prepares for a successful 2021.

#AndNEW Hollywood Heritage Champion

Part 1 of Championship Wrestling From Hollywoods 500th episode began with a competitive title bout between Heritage Champion Jordan Clearwater and Richie Slade. Clearwater overpowered and threw Slade around with relative ease. Despite Slade’s tag team partner Ricky Mandel shouting and attempting to interfere at ringside, the “Golden Boy”  dominated his opponent through most of the match. However, Slade was able to turn the match into his favor with a suplex and sit up powerbomb. The crafty Slade would become too confident, heading to the top rope and jumping into a superkick reversal from Clearwater.

Mandel would jump on the apron and distract the referee, allowing a “ringside photographer” to attack Clearwater with the Heritage Championship. Slade covered Clearwater to become the new Hollywood Heritage Champion, to the exasperated surprise of Ricky Mandel. The “masked assailant” that attacked the former champion was revealed to be a man named Jack Banning. Banning forced Clearwater to pass out in a guillotine, a maneuver that Banning would hold to the behest of pleading referees until he felt has impact was indeed felt.

Clearwater had just won the title from Ray Rosas on November 28th, ending his two-month reign. He also successfully defended the championship on Episode 499 against Will Allday.

Part 1 also included a successful United Television Championship defense by Levi Shapiro against former champion Dan Joseph. Before the match began, Howdy Price announced that the match was now a handicap match. Jesse James joined Shapiro for what turned into an absolute mugging of Joseph. Despite his undeniable resilience against the unfair odds, Joseph would come up short against the team of Levi and James, with a lariat by Shapiro planting him for the three count.

Heather Monroe and Halston Boddy defeated Cece Chanel and Ruby Raze in the main event, “Saving the women’s division”. The win by Boddy and Monroe secures the fact that a United Wrestling Women’s title will be in contention soon.

Two Title Bouts and a Gimmick Battle Royal

Part 2 of episode 500 of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood began with the tag team title match, with 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl) challenging The Bodega (Danny Limelight and Papa Esco) for the UWN World Tag Team Championships. Limelight and Esco won the titles after defeating SoCal Distancing on the final Primetime Live of 2020. Limelight, who has recently been featured heavily on AEW Dark, worked well with his gigantic partner “Fat Boy”, with both men working over Gibson efficiently. Gibson managed to give the hot tag to Pearl, who quickened the pace a bit in his teams favor, even managing to hit a Back Stabbath on the bigger man. However, Limelight would later take out Gibson with a double stomp on the apron, and Esco would use his weight (and the added leverage assistance from Limelight on the outside) to pick up the win and retain their tag team titles.

The Reality of Wrestling Texas Championship was also on the line as Will Allday defended against EJ Sparks. Allday immediately hit Sparks with the championship before the match. Sparks would opt to fight the match anyway, but the match would be an uphill battle for momentum. Sparks would show that he is the better striker, fighting back with a flurry of kicks and knee strikes. In the end, Allday would prove to be the dominant technician, and would pin Sparks with a german suplex. However, a second referee brought up that both competitors shoulders were down in the pinfall, thus forcing the decision to be a no contest. This potentially sets up a rematch between the two in the future.

The Joe Schmoe Memorial Gimmick Battle Royal also took place, celebrating the life of longtime CWFH team member Joseph Franciosi. It featured carney and cheesy gimmicks like Pirahna-Canrana, The HoboGuy Cool, and Voodoo Chaos along with a fast pool of competitors from CWFH’s vault. Before the match would start, 4 Minutes of Heat would return for the second time in the night to make themselves last minute additions to the battle royal. The final three saw the Hobo, “the American Kaiju” Devin Sparks, and James Morgan battle it out, with Sparks eliminating Hobo after a striking battle on the apron. However, in the end, former United Television Champion “Main Event” Morgan would choke out the American Kaiju and win the Gimmick Battle Royal.

The main event was an unsanctioned match with the entirety of SoCal Distancing taking on Arizona State Champion Ray Rosas and a mystery partner. Ray Rosas looked to gain redemption on the tag team after they cost him his Heritage Championship. When it appeared that the not-so-popular Rosas wouldn’t be able to find a partner on this planet, He called for someone “off this plant in the form of Kevin Martenson. After a competitive matchup that spilled outside the ring early on, Rosas would use an elbow off a ladder to pin Andy Brown, defeating the odds.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood premiers Saturdays at noon on youtube.

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