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Marvel and AAA Introduce Superhero-Inspired Wrestlers

Marvel Lucha Libre Edition

This past October, it was announced that Marvel Entertainment and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide would be partnering. The goal of this partnership was to expand the culture of wrestling in Mexico through larger-than-life stories and personalities. Marvel Lucha Libre Edition spawned various products, including footwear and clothing. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the fact that this partnership introduced a number of superhero-inspired wrestlers to AAA and wrestling in Mexico as a whole.

Inspired by Spider-Man, El Aracno hails from Mexico City, Mexico. He is a second-generation star; his father, Aracno Sr., was a wrestler in his younger days. Aracno Sr. intended to pass the mantle to Adriano, his student, before ultimately handing it to his son; Adriano would go on to become the nefarious El Venenoide. Aracno is a technical wrestler with an honest heart, believing in the importance of work ethic and doing the right thing. In this regard, especially, he is a superhero come to life.

The second of these superhero-inspired characters, as a result of Marvel Lucha Libre Edition, was El Leyenda Americana. Heavily inspired by Captain America, this masked luchador is the son of a U.S. Army member and army nurse. Through his mother, Leyenda Americana was exposed to the depth of Mexican culture, including wrestling. This allowed him to pursue wrestling as a career path and even become the mentor of fellow do-gooder Aracno.

Bearing a striking resemblance to Venom, El Venenoide is one of the nefarious creations of Marvel Lucha Libre Edition. Venenoide has a tough upbringing before finding himself under the tutelage of Aracno Sr. Though he was skilled, Venenoide developed an evil personality, which strained his relationship with his mentor. From there, Venenoide walked a more nefarious path under a sinister, black mask. While he is a powerful wrestler, what may be just as strong, if not stronger, is his thirst for superstardom.

Possessing great power in his own right, the Thanos-inspired El Terror Purpura saw success as a businessman. Though he is a strong grappler, Terror Purpura became known for his shady business dealings, even rigging bets to help line his pockets. “The end justifies the means” is his motto; simply put, if he can make a profit, no offer is off the table. Along with his follower, El Venenoide, Terror Purpura is set to expand his empire, even if he has to break a bone or several along the way.

These four wrestlers were first introduced at AAA’s Triplemania XXVIII event, which took place earlier this month. In the Marvel Lucha Libre Edition match, El Terror Purpura and El Venenoide faced El Aracno and El Leyenda Americana. In this encounter, the former team emerged victorious. This was the fifth of seven matches that took place at Triplemania XXVIII.

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