Victory Through Guts: Episode 9 1990 Year-End Awards

Victory Through Guts - A Joshi Podcast
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Victory Through Guts: A Joshi Podcast is a podcast from two of our contributors Alex Richards and Dylan Murray as they take a journey through All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW).  For episode 9 they watch three matches that end the year for AJW before going through their year-end awards for 1990

In this episode we have:

  • A review of the latter half of AJW Classics episode 43
  • Who surprised the two the most in 1990
  • Joshi match of the year for 1990
  • Joshi MVP for 1990
  • A round up of the year as a whole

“The final episode of the Victory Through Guts Podcast in the year 2020 also means the final episode of VTG covering the year 1990 in the world of Joshi Wrestling. In spite of various technical difficulties and recording software problems, Dem VTG boys deliver a jam-packed episode of audio goodness in just under an hour of runtime.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

-Toshiyo Yamada’s return from injury

-Bull Nakano’s shifting moral alignment

-Kyoko Inoue’s surging popularity

-Our persistent love for the members of the Class of ’85

-1990 Year-End Awards

Please Enjoy!

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