Alexa Bliss Outshining Bray Wyatt Since Joining Firefly Fun House

Alexa Bliss Bray Wyatt

When wrestlers who already have a solidified role and character take on a challenge that completely changes who they are on screen. It can lead to two things: greatness or being a complete trainwreck. Roman Reigns is an excellent example of those who change their character almost completely to better themselves long term. Then there’s someone like Bobby Lashley, who for some odd reason married Lana on television and was almost left as damaged for good. It’s difficult to bounce back when you go all-in on something like that. Well Alexa Bliss, who was established as “The Goddess” of WWE, joined Bray Wyatt in a completely different role as this spooky, Sister Abigail doll-like figure who can snap instantly like Wyatt and “The Fiend.” It was the ultimate risk. But it was one that revitalized her in WWE.

And not only that, she is succeeding in the role so much that she is completely outshining Wyatt as a member of the Firefly Fun House. Take a deeper look as to why Bliss has become one of the best in WWE right now and has done better than Wyatt at doing his own thing.

The Creativity Of How We Got Here

Alexa Bliss The Fiend
Credit: WWE

The idea that WWE has created when “The Fiend” lays hands on you has been nothing short of brilliant. It leads to change. Whether it be a return to a former character, becoming more aggressive, or otherwise. Finn Balor went to NXT, Daniel Bryan returned to the “YES!” movement, The Miz became the A-Lister once again, and Braun Strowman shaved his head and became an angry giant. All of these show that the power of Bray Wyatt’s other personality was real, but nothing changed themselves to aid “The Fiend.” That changed when he feuded with Braun Strowman, as he put his eye towards Alexa Bliss.

With a mandible claw, it became apparent that Bliss was changing. That change wasn’t going to see her as her former self that won five women’s championships. No, it was going to be something we have never seen. Week after week she became more infatuated and possessed, leading to a character that we had never seen out of her before.

Going All-In, Abandoning What We’ve Known & Utilizing Her Cosplaying Ability To Be The Character

Alexa Bliss
Credit: WWE

Bliss has had past appearances where she cosplayed as DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger, and even Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. She had the look down, but never fully embraced any of the characters. But when “The Fiend” went at her, she changed and was able to embrace that “Twisted Bliss” side of her. With a clear idealism from horror films and a character like Harley Quinn, Bliss has gone all-in on this twisted character she’d never been before. At one second all can be okay, but the next she has the spirit of “The Fiend” flow through her and she snaps. It’s a certain rage that we only see out of “The Fiend,” one that she has used on her former best friend Nikki Cross most recently.

The special tricks that show her “Fiend-ful” eyes and the red tongue that mirrors that of Drago from Lucha Underground only add to her new persona. And while we have yet to see Bliss go full “Fiend” in a match, we can anticipate that coming. She has gone all-in to abandon the character we have known and it’s paying off in every single way. So much so that she could very well be considered better than the man who created the Firefly Fun House.

Simply Better Than Bray Wyatt

Alexa Bliss Bray Wyatt
Credit: WWE

Alexa Bliss is doing so well in her role that she is completely outshining Bray Wyatt. You know, the man whose character made her this way. And there’s a great chance that they work together to better each other, but right now it’s Bliss who is using that to her advantage. From the Firefly Fun House skits where her overjoyed manner makes you laugh to the moments where Wyatt is wrestling in the ring only for Bliss to one-up him with the tackling of John Morrison, she is thriving in this role. Without Wyatt, it’s not possible. But the Firefly Fun House has become the Alexa Bliss show, not Wyatt’s.

Fans are wondering what is next for Bliss, not Wyatt. Because following her match where she was getting beaten by Nikki Cross only to twist into another version to layout Cross with Sister Abigail, the future of possibilities is endless. Professional wrestling hasn’t always been about the new over the old, but when it comes to the Firefly Fun House gang, that’s exactly what it is.

Looking To The Future — Growth & Gold

Twisted Eyes Raw
Credit: WWE

The future for Alexa Bliss is bright. Brighter than it was this time last year and brighter than Bray Wyatt. She has always been one of the best in her role no matter what that may be and this has given her the opportunity to show a different side to her incredible talent. But what does the future exactly hold? More growth in her character as she gets more comfortable. What is even more likely is gold down the line. Asuka has been somewhat in the mud with her Raw Women’s Championship reign, and an opponent like Bliss can lead to some awe-inspiring and exciting possibilities. Bliss has always been a star but she could be at her most popular within the next month or two. The best thing going on Monday nights is simply “Little Miss Bliss.”

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