Dragon Suplex Podcasting Network: Stardom Quest Episode 5.5

Stardom Quest Episode 0

Alex and Dylan present Stardom Quest a weekly Stardom podcast.  This week they make up for last week’s lack of uploads with a special episode dedicated to the 5STAR Grand Prix finals and Utami Hayashishita winning the tournament.

“After episode 5 was plagued with audio issues Alex and Dylan are back with a make good as they record the day after the 5STAR GP Finals to give you 2 episodes in one week.

In this episode they give their thoughts on Utami Hayashishita winning the Grand Prix and how they feel about her as a main event player in the company. This takes them to a conversation about what is next for both Hayashishita and the Red Belt heading into the 10th anniversary event. They also discuss why they think she chose to chase the Red Belt instead of the Wonder Of Stardom title.

They also run down the news from the GP finals and speculate on who XXXX will be as well as give their thoughts on Saya Kamitani’s performances in the tournament. Last but not least they both rant about the current Oedo Tai and the return of Bea Priestley.

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Amazing show art courtesy of @KHsNotebook

Also listen to Dylan and Alex’s other podcast @VTGPod which is all about the legendary All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling which is also available on the Dragon Suplex Podcasting Network”

Stardom Quest is available through the Dragon Suplex Podcast Network which can be found on AnchorSpotifyiTunes, among others.

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