All Elite Monster: Lance Archer Should Become AEW World Champion

Lance Archer AEW

It was only nights ago that AEW All Out went down and despite mixed reactions, set up the future for AEW in a massive way. From Dustin Rhodes earning an opportunity at the TNT Championship, to The Young Bucks re-establishing themselves as top contenders, it was a big night. But the biggest non-title win came during the Casino Battle Royale as “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer was better than the rest and earned his shot at Jon Moxley and the AEW World Championship.

With that being said, there are a number of factors as to why this match will be excellent between the two brawlers. However, that’s not enough. It’s time for All Elite Wrestling to show why “monsters” still carry a big spot in professional wrestling and that they can actually use the big men they have to their advantage. Not only should Lance Archer be convincing in the battle, but he should be crowned the next AEW World Champion.

Here’s why it is time for Archer to reign above AEW.

Making The Casino Battle Royale Legitimate

Casino Battle Royale
Credit: AEW

AEW has made an adamant push to get any and all talents on their two biggest PPVs, Double or Nothing and All Out, through special Casino styled matches like the ladder match and battle royale. So far, there have been four in existence with the winner earning an opportunity to fight for the AEW World Championship or the AEW Women’s Championship. The winners have been Hangman Page, Nyla Rose, Brian Cage (ladder), and now Archer. The reason behind Archer needing to win is to make the Casino style matches seem worth doing. Getting an opportunity is great but when the winner tends to never capture gold in the end, it’s not as appealing.  A win for Archer would add some prestige to these bouts.

AEW’s Past Failures With Monsters

Lance Archer vs Brian Cage
Credit: AEW/TNT

AEW has some huge, talented dudes that should be big-time players in the company. Unfortunately, they have had them have heroic rises as monsters just to get halted. Look at Archer, who’s dominance road him all the way to the finals of the TNT Championship tournament just to lose to Cody. Brodie Lee debuted as the leader of The Dark Order and lost in a major championship match almost a month later to Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing. Don’t get me wrong, they rebounded with his one-sided win over Cody to win the TNT Championship but it was still a brought start. And finally, Brian Cage, who also failed in a championship match and has been sent to near mediocrity.

I will applaud AEW for what they have done to turnaround Archer, leaving him only more dangerous than he was before. But to solidify that return to being a true threat, he must become champion. If not, you take a chance that he cannot and will not recover. Crown him as your top monster.

The Archer-Moxley History

Lance Archer Jon Moxley
Credit: NJPW

When there’s history to build off of, it makes for a better feud. Especially when that history is from a separate company. It’s worked for The Elite, it’s worked in the Kenny OmegaChris Jericho feud, and it should work between Jon Moxley and Lance Archer. For those who may not follow New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), there’s a special history between these two men. Moxley was the IWGP US Heavyweight Champion before having to be stripped of the championship due to circumstances out of his own hand. Thus allowed Archer to win the vacant championship and set themselves up for a first-time match between the two at Wrestle Kingdom 14 earlier this year.

But without there really being too much conversation between the two, the two physical brawlers did just fine to set their match up. Leading to a Texas Death Match for the title. It was an all-out brawl between the two that eventually resulted in Moxley recapturing his championship and writing the soon-to-be end for Archer’s run in NJPW. As Archer looks for redemption, it almost feels like this would be the perfect opportunity to get exactly that. They should use history to further this one and enhance it, then when the time of the match comes, let them go to war.

It’s Finally Lance Archer’s Time

Lance Archer
Credit: AEW

Lance Archer has had a long career met with injuries, setbacks, and ultimate comebacks. At the age of 43 years old, there is no better time than now for him to capture what would be his first-ever world championship. The former IWGP Tag Team and US Champion conquered most of Japan but not enough. His WWE career was a cup of tea. His time in TNA was among his most successful before eventually moving on. This is it. The clock may be ticking, but there simply may not be anyone more deserving in AEW today. With the opportunity, the manager in Jake “The Snake” Roberts, the overall dominance he has shown, there will never be a better time than right now to crown him as the AEW World Champion.

When his match comes, there’s only one thing that can happen. “Everybody dies.” Lance Archer should walk out of his match with Jon Moxley as the AEW World Champion.

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