Preview: Stardom – Yokohama Cinderella 2020 Day 1 (8/22/20)

Yokohama Cinderella 2020 Day 1
All Photos Courtesy Of Stardom

Stardom runs the brand new Yokohama Budokan for back to back days with two of the most stacked lineups in Stardom history for Yokohama Cinderella 2020.  These events also take place in the middle of Stardom’s annual 5STAR Grand Prix meaning August is a very exciting time to be a Stardom fan.  Let’s jump into this preview for day one of Yokohama Cinderella 2020.

STARS (Hanan & Itsuki Hoshino) vs Hina & Rina

Hanan makes her return to action after a year of inactivity caused by lumbar spondylosis.   She teams with the retiring Hoshino for the first time ever to take on her younger twin sisters Rina and Hina.  Rina and Hina have improved leaps and bounds while their sister has been injured but you have to imagine bi sister will get the last laugh here and come away with the win.

AZM vs Saya Iida

New High Speed Champion AZM takes on Saya Iida in singles action.  Given her new title and the fact AZM is taking part in the 5STAR GP this is likely going to end in a win for AZM but it is sure to be a good match between two talented performers.

Tokyo Syber Squad (Jungle Kyona, Konami & DEATH Yama-San) vs Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima & Natsu Sumire)

On day 2 these two factions will also meet in tag team action so on day 1 we get a trios preview.  Kyona and Tora renewing their grudge always leads to a good match as they go hard against one another.

Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid & Riho vs Mima Shimoda, Yuna Manase & Super Strong Stardom Machine

What a match huh.  Yuna Manase returns to Stardom to team with Joshi legend Mima Shimoda and the No People Gate battle royal winner Super Strong Stardom Machine.  They take on the kind of STARS but not totally STARS trio of Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid, and Riho (Riho isn’t officially in STARS despite teaming with them 90% of the time).  Nakano and Kid have big matches on day 2 so expect one of them to pick up the win

Utami Hayashishita vs Himeka

Donna Del Mondo vs Queen’s Quest match one of the night as Utami Hayashishita takes on Himeka in a match that has this writer very excited.  These two women will meet on day 2 in a Goddesses Of Stardom Championship match and this should give us another preview of what’s to come.  Expect a draw as both are booked fairly well although Himeka beating Hayashishita would make her look like a real threat,

Future Of Stardom Championship: Maika (C) vs Saya Kamitani

In the match where Maika won the Future Of Stardom title, she and Kamitani had some very entertaining exchanges.  Not only that but they will also meet in tomorrow’s goddesses title match which adds some more stakes to this match.  As well as that there is the brewing faction war between DDM and QQ where both sides want as many titles as possible so both women will want to take the belt for their faction and get some momentum ahead of their title match the next day.

Giulia vs Momo Watanabe

A special singles match that could main event any show of the year.  Also, we have DDM vs QQ for a third time on this show as the two faction leaders face off.  While normally this sort of match would likely end in a draw both women will want to deal a crushing blow in the faction war by getting the win.  For what it’s worth Giulia eliminated Watanabe from the Cinderella Tournament earlier this year, albeit that was by over the top rope elimination rules.

World Of Stardom Championship: Mayu Iwatani (C) vs Syuri

This should be a pretty good match as Iwatani excels when she’s in there with a performer that can beat her up and allowed her to sell and Syuri is fantastic at that part of wrestling.  Syuri likely won’t win as she isn’t signed to Stardom and that will always limit someone’s potential in the company but this will live up to the main event spot.

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