Explaining DDT: Beer Garden Shows

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In between Summer Vacation and King of DDT, there have been a few shows advertised as Beer Garden-like (beer garden-like is literally in the name) shows. Which leads to the big question of what makes a Beer Garden and what separates the 2020 shows from normal Beer Garden?

Well, a Beer Garden show doesn’t have a hard definition, but they are more of a grab bag in tone. This is mainly due to the shows being spread across a week with each one having a different theme. But they are mostly tied together with a few major things. The first one is each show being more light-hearted with low stakes. Which may seem the norm for DDT outside of their bigger shows. But combining it with more out there gimmick matches and having less emphasis on storyline makes for a nice bunch of one-off shows. Another major aspect is having guests show up. This ties into the light on the storyline aspect, this allows some people to have their only DDT match of the year tale place. On that same note, it allows the other promotions who would normally get a showcase match a full-on card to work with. To finish it off there are short breaks in between matches to encourage fans to buy drinks. All of which makes for an interesting viewing experience if not one that carries little weight.

So while that explains what the general gist of what a Beer Garden so what differentiated the 2020 Beer Garden-like shows from the real deal? Well first off instead of the week it’s shortened to a 3-day run and with the final day containing some of the classic match types. In addition, the produce (theme) shows are reduced to produce matches. And in recent announcements, food and drink will not be allowed in the venue aside from bottled water brought in by the audience themselves. It’s not the real deal but it maintains the spirit of low stakes and generally lighthearted wrestling So while 2020 might be the home of the Beer Garden-like events it’s generally a good thing to see it ongoing as these are some of DDT’s most identifiable shows.

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