Maika Resigns From JUST TAP OUT, Maika & Himeka Sign With Stardom


Future Of Stardom Champion Maika has been locked down to a deal with Stardom to become a full-time roster member.  Until now the Donna Del Mondo member had been appearing as an outsider for Stardom while signed to JUST TAP OUT.

Before Stardom’s Cinderella Summer In Tokyo event it was announced that Maika had resigned from JUST TAP OUT and not long after it was announced that both her and Himeka had signed for Stardom.

It had been expected that Himeka was signed with Stardom when she debuted as a mystery partner for Donna Del Mondo after announcing her departure from Actwres girl’Z previously.

This move allows for Maika to not only wrestle more and therefore improve more but she also has more potential to receive a big push if under a Stardom contract.  While this is a loss for JTO one imagines their acceptance of her resignation comes with some strings attached, likely some Stardom performers appearing on their shows.

The dynamic of the Donna Del Mondo group has also quickly shifted from all but Giulia being outsiders to Syuri now being the only one not contracted to Stardom, which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

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