Ricky Starks Aligns with Brian Cage and Taz on AEW DARK

Cage and Starks
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Ever since Taz threw in the towel on Brian Cage during his world title match against Jon Moxley at Fight for the Fallen, there have been questions and uncertainty regarding the state of Cage and Taz’ relationship. Cage seemingly walked out on his mentor and there were some indications the two would split. However, as it turned out, this was all part of the story. Because instead of losing a client, Taz actually gained one as on Tuesday night’s AEW DARK, following Darby Allin’s match against Robert Anthony, Ricky Starks aligned himself with Taz and Cage.

Sitting on commentary during the match, Taz spent much of the time dropping hints about something big. He noted that he would address why he threw the towel in this week on Dynamite but also mentioned that Cage was still not happy with Allin involving himself in the title match, and that he was planning on doing something about it sooner rather than later. As if on cue, Cage made his way out and began assaulting Allin, before he was joined by Starks in a move that led to Excalibur exclaiming, “Taz, what have you done?” Taz said all would be revealed on this week’s Dynamite.

It’s clear that AEW loves its stables and tag teams and now they have gotten another one in Cage and Starks. It’s a great spot for Starks as now he’ll likely go from winning matches on DARK to becoming a big fixture on Dynamite. As for Cage, he’s now got a bit of an insurance policy. Moxley is a lone soldier, one of few guys in AEW who isn’t linked to anyone else. With Cage now having his own army of sorts, that gives him a leg up as he’ll no doubt continue to pursue Moxley and the world title.

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