EC3 Returns to IMPACT With A Warning Shot to the World

One of the most captivating and well-planned returns to the indies following WWE’s Black Wednesday has been the character overhaul of EC3 as he sat out his 90-day no-compete clause after being one of the first names released. Long portrayed as the 1%, the elite level playboy and the epitome of white privilege, EC3 became a nihilist orator, deconstructing the truth about reality while simultaneously doing the same to his own persona. On Saturday night, he revealed his IMPACT return at Slammiversaryand on Sunday dropped a 7-minute short film issuing a dangerous look into the EC3 we would see arriving in IMPACT. And on Tuesday, he opened the show with another warning for the IMPACT locker room and the world.

You’ve been controlled your whole life. Politicians, corporations, media, entertainment, even love. 

They have all had authority over you.

Do you think what you’re supposed to think?
Feel what you’re supposed to feel?
Buy what you’re supposed to buy?
Say what you’re supposed to say?
Do you let this world walk over you, give in, and conform?

Or do you fight?

Do you fight back, fight back against those who lie from you, steal from you, betray you.
Those that demean you, degrade you, try to cancel you.

Fight back against these tyrants!
With your heart, your body, your soul, your mind.

Find purpose.

Find enlightenment.

Control. Your. Narrative.

Live in this moment, because tonight, I’m living in this moment…here. 
And you…
You have been warned.

Later in the evening, he made his return and it appears his first target is “reigning” TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose. With EC3 now looking to destroy the past and create a new narrative, EC3 could be looking to destroy the TNA title return before setting his focus back on the IMPACT World title.

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