Stardom Set Up World & Wonder Of Stardom Championship Directions

Stardom Jungle Kyona

Like their Bushiroad contemporaries NJPW, Stardom has come back and is set to run some big shows in the near future at Korakuen Hall.  On their June 12th show STARDOM New Summer 2020 the company established the future directions of the World Of Stardom, and more importantly, the vacant Wonder Of Stardom Championships.

The path for the World Of Stardom (red belt) is simple as Jungle Kyona challenged Mayu Iwatani to a championship match for the July 24th show in Kyona’s hometown in Nagoya.  This was the initial direction for the company before COVID-19 caused show cancellations as Kyona and Iwatani were set to clash in Nagoya in February.

The Wonder Of Stardom title (white belt) scene is a bit more complicated as four different performers laid claim to the championship.  Natsuko Tora, who had her original title shot deferred due to Arisa Hoshiki‘s injury made a claim to the title. Cinderella Tournament winner Giulia wanted to be handed the vacant title but Tam Nakano, Hoshiki’s frenemy, and sometimes tag team partner didn’t agree.  Finally, Konami came out to say she also wanted to get her hands on the white belt.  Konami proposed a tournament for the title and while nothing has been made official it’s almost certain that we will see a tournament between these four women over the vacant championship.

Stardom has not taken long to get into the swing of things with new rivalries and stories being told following the losses of Hoshiki and Hana Kimura during their break.

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