New Weekly NJPW Series Lion’s Break Collision Starts This Week

Lion's Break Collision

Lion’s Break Collision debuts this week with just two matches announced ahead of time.

Striving for a Place in America

For years, NJPW has been exploring further expansion into the immense potential fan base of America. Since their inaugural event in July of 2017, G1 Special in USA; the strive for independently produced shows in the States has continued. Southern California has become a focus for NJPW in the USA with several shows over the years in the region including the LA Dojo. The LA Dojo is home to lead trainer Katsuyori Shibata and a new crop of stateside young lions, such as Karl Fredericks, who has recently been revealed to be part of the main roster.

Amidst a chaotic 2020, NJPW continues its push into the USA with a new weekly series on NJPWWorld called, “Lion’s Break Collision”. Every Friday night at 10p EST/9CST/7PST, NJPW will air special stateside events with talent who have been in the United States since the travel restrictions put on several countries.

So far, three dates are officially listed for these events and the first night of action is July 3, 2020. In the first of two matches announced, two LA Dojo young lions go at it. Clark Connors battles Alex Coughlin. Both participated in the 2019 Young Lion Cup which was won by fellow LA Dojo mate, Karl Fredericks. Both men have more to prove now that the investment of the LA Dojo seems to be a prosperous route to stardom.

LA Dojo Student Graduates to Main Roster

Fredericks, who was revealed to be part of the main roster before COVID 19, will tag with TJP. TJP was the first WWE Cruiserweight champion and has since been an active member of the American NJPW roster. These two take on Rocky Romero and Jeff Cobb. Looking at the dynamics of these two teams and one thing sticks out, Karl Fredericks seems to be a heavyweight.

Jeff Cobb has featured prominently in the NEVER Openweight division. It seems Karl Fredericks may be featured in this division in the upcoming years. While no further matches have been announced, a likely participant seems to be MLW World Champion, Tom Lawlor. As covered previously on Last Word on Pro Wrestling, Lawlor seems to have taken part in the NJPW tapings alongside other debuts for NJPW in America. With many talents remaining in America due to travel restrictions, it will be a test for NJPW to continue their push into America and how they adapt.

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