Heath Miller Teases Appearance At IMPACT’s Slammiversary

Heath Miller Slammiversary

IMPACT Wrestling is currently building towards their huge Slammiversary XVIII pay-per-view on Saturday, July 18. Through the past couple of weeks, they have teased a number of debuts and returns following WWE’s dozen of releases in April. They have managed to hype up their show more than ever as more than one debut/return is expected. One of WWE’s biggest releases was longtime roster member, Heath Slater. Now going by Heath Miller, he seems more determined than ever to show the world what he can do. And it’s possible that will go down in IMPACT Wrestling.

On Tuesday night, IMPACT announced its new IMPACT World Championship main event. As you may know by now, Tessa Blanchard was released from her contract and stripped of the world title, while Michael Elgin was suspended and later revealed that he will no longer appear for the company from the company as well. The new main event was revealed to be a Fatal 4-Way match between Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, and a mystery opponent to crown the next IMPACT World Champion.

The mystery opponent could be a number of opponents, but Miller’s latest tease makes many believe this could be his spot to fill on July 18.

Not too discrete by the former four-time tag team champion in WWE. Miller was long believed to be one of WWE’s most underutilized talents, carrying the ability on the microphone and in the ring to be more than just the comedy wrestler he was portrayed as. If you have been following him on Twitter, he has made it clear he’s changed himself to be someone to take seriously. Now more than ever.

The former 3MB member could be following in his former group members, Drew McIntyre, footsteps by rebuilding himself in IMPACT Wrestling and other company’s outside of WWE. His latest tease makes it seem one way or another, he will be at Slammiversary. Perhaps in the IMPACT World Championship match. Right now fans will have to wait for July 18 to find out, but Heath Miller will be someone to mess with moving forward.

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