The Virtuosa: IMPACT Building Deonna Purrazzo Up For Greatness

Professional wrestling is all about building up stars to carry your company. No matter the company, it is the way of doing business. From the biggest like WWE to the smallest indie that crowns someone as their world champion. It is the natural transition in professional wrestling and it’s exactly what IMPACT Wrestling is experiencing at this moment. The rumors are out and about. Tessa Blanchard very well could be on her way out. The reasoning is unknown, but looking at her IMPACT career, she has accomplished everything. As they transition into a new brand with their face of the company possibly leaving, they are doing their best to prepare for the future. A future that could see “The Virtuosa” rise to the top.

In recent weeks, IMPACT has put everything behind Deonna Purrazzo, who was released by WWE two months ago. It was a situation that many welcomed for Purrazzo, who was in need of a new home after her underutilization in the company. After only a month or so since the announcement that she was arriving to IMPACT, Purrazzo is prepared for stardom in IMPACT Wrestling.

Here is a look at IMPACT’s handling of Purrazzo and why she will be the next great star of IMPACT.

“The Virtuosa Is Arriving”

During the May 26 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, the shock hit as a video aired out of nowhere for Purrazzo. In the past couple of months, the Knockouts division had added the likes of Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae to their already talented roster. The surprise video marking the addition of Deonna Purrazzo was the topper. In the video, it was clear she was going to be a major player in IMPACT and the Knockouts division. Maybe even IMPACT’s next champion. But with debuts, you have to pump the breaks at times. We learned soon in her arrival what her potential in the company may be, but her signing pushed the Knockouts division into the stratosphere in terms of overall talent.

Debut: Leaving The IMPACT Knockouts Champion Laying

In the main event of the June 9 IMPACT, Jordynne Grace defended her IMPACT Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie. Grace and Valkyrie finished off their long time rivalry in this one, and no thanks to John E. Bravo and Rosemary, Taya walked out as the loser once again. Grace put on the sleeper hold and it resulted in a tap out from the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history. As Grace began to celebrate, it was clear who her next challenger would be.  An appearance by Deonna Purrazzo had been hyped up all night long and IMPACT made it clear that her arrival was a big feal

The main event spot was anyone’s for the taking. Anyone happened to be “The Virtuosa.” Purrazzo walked down to the ring as she felt special, important, and most of all –determined. As she stood face to face with Grace, she reached her hand out to show her respect to the champion. It was all for not. The champion reached for the handshake and was soon on the ground in pain as Purrazzo perfected the Fujiwara Armbar, yanking on the arm until there was nothing left in Grace. In just one night, Purrazzo established herself as the greatest threat to Grace’s run and an instant star.

This Is Deonna Purrazzo — “I’m The Best Damn Women’s Technical Wrestler In The World”

Despite feeling like she has been around for some time now, Deonna Purrazzo is only 26 years old. She may feel even younger due to the inactivity she had to deal with in the WWE. But even at 26 years old, she’s one of the best in-ring technicians in wrestling right now. What makes it even better is that she knows that. On last week’s IMPACT, they let Purrazzo explain exactly who she is and how she got to this point in her own words. A brilliant decision considering she is trying to establish herself as one of the top women in professional wrestling.

“I know I’m The best damn women’s technical wrestler in the world” — Purrazzo said

In the most emphatic way possible, Purrazzo showed her attitude and mindset. A mindset that should bring her to championship gold. Confidence kills. Which is bad news for the Knockouts division, because if you listen to Purrazzo, she is certainly full of it. With her eyes directly on the prize.

IMPACT In-Ring Debut Shows Technical Dominance

Deonna Purrazzo

“The Virtuosa” made an impact instantly, but she needed to have a match before being granted her championship opportunity at Slammiversary. Unfortunately for Alisha Edwards, she was the one who had to face the determined Purrazzo in her debut match. Right out of the gates, it looked like the technician was going to walk away with a win. “The Virtuosa” locked in the Koji Clutch but was met with an escape by Alisha via Rope Break. But no worries for her, as she hit a side-Russian leg sweep before locking on her signature Fujiwara Armbar for the instant tap. There is not a person who seems to be stopping her momentum any time soon, which is great for IMPACT.

What Now For Deonna Purrazzo?

Be the champion. It’s quite simple. The best way to allow Deonna to be a star is to let her win the title and hold it until someone deserving is ready to take it. Purrazzo’s last two years were almost lost in terms of raking in accomplishments. So why wouldn’t she want to get one of the biggest in American women’s wrestling right off the bat? “The Virtuosa” is on the brink of greatness already. Being at the head of one of the best women’s divisions in professional wrestling is a start. The fresh start she needed. At IMPACT’s second-biggest PPV, Slammiversary, to boot.  An show that IMPACT is heavily hyping as a game-changing event.

A win for her can put a lot in motion for the brand, and for the better. A Jordynne Grace loss does not hurt her but perhaps lifts her. With Blanchard possibly on the way out, a step up into the intergender role for Grace would be perfect. She has done it in her career and would excel if given the opportunity.

Purrazzo had an instant impact (no pun intended) when she debuted on IMPACT two weeks ago. Continue that roll and they have a legitimate star on their hands. The fear is placing her into a championship match and watching her lose instantly. To succeed, the right move is to crown Deonna Purrazzo as the new IMPACT Knockouts Champion.  From step one, the presentation of Deonna Purrazzo been perfect and the performer herself is living up to the high bar this sets.  “The Virtuosa” may very well be IMPACT’s next big star.

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