PROGRESS Wrestling Announces Structural Change

PROGRESS Wrestling

The #SpeakingOut movement has been the talk of wrestling over the past few days as stories of various forms of abuse continue to be revealed.  Many wrestling companies are being put under scrutiny by fans wanting change.  One such company is PROGRESS Wrestling who have completely messed up their response at every possible turn doing damage to their already faltering brand.  It became clear that change was needed.

A tweet went out on June 21st on the PROGRESS twitter account signed off by Michael Oku (A.K.A The O.J.M.O) stating that Glen Robinson and Matt Richards would be stepping away from the company, although Richards had already announced this himself and seemingly made the choice himself.  It was mentioned that Vicky Haskins, Lucy Cave, and James Amner were “involved” but no one was sure what “involved” meant.

On June 22 PROGRESS put out an official statement regarding this structural change announcing that the four people mentioned above are the new management of PROGRESS Wrestling and that Jon Briley would also be stepping away due to medical reasons meaning that none of the original PROGRESS promoters are still involved in the management of the company for the time being.  Change was needed and with PROGRESS being one of the biggest companies in the they NEED to spearhead this change, many people have raised the question of ownership, and while that was not mentioned in the statement one can only hope that PROGRESS’ owners allow the new management to impose change instead of allowing the abusive culture in wrestling to remain in place.

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