The Doctor Will See You Now: Britt Baker Has Become AEW’s Most Must-See Talent

Britt Baker

When All Elite Wrestling came together, the marquee woman signed was real-life dentist and pro wrestler, Britt Baker. She was who most expected to be their first women’s champion and lead the charge of the women’s division. But then she didn’t work out. As a babyface, the fans did not connect with the dentist and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD was left looking for a new identity. “The Role Model” was born. In this new character form, she embraced who she was more than ever and turned it up a notch. Baker expressed herself by knowing she was better than everyone else and attacked Tony Schiavone while also being friends with the former Starbucks barista. With the switch of the character, “The Role Model” has quickly become one of, if not the best parts of Dynamite week after week.

Through over the top humor, shaming of those around her, and the ultimate understanding of her character, Baker has found her niche. Fans are loving it, the wrestlers are hating it, and she is clearly thriving. Considering the talent on this incredible roster, her ability to have the best segments week after week makes her AEW’s must-see talent.

Establishing Herself As “The Role Model” By Ripping Everyone

First came Tony Schiavone and then everyone else. But the best way for a heel to get themselves over is attacking the fans and fan-favorites. Schiavone happens to be among those favorites and she ripped into him in January. The Doctor made it clear she was the one who everyone wanted as the face of the division. She made it clear one week after mocking Schiavone for being a Starbucks barista that they were a power duo all of a sudden. She also mocked Jim Ross for not knowing the names of the talent on the roster, a solid roast in itself. This new development in Baker’s character saw her no longer care for the people around her. It was a disingenuous start that would only get worse in the coming weeks.

Through time as the top woman in her eyes, she attacked the then women’s champion Riho and seemed to be setting herself up as the next challenger. Unfortunately for her, she never captured the title and only began to become a bit more insane. Making her character that much better.  There were some stumbles early on with her character but as AEW entered the empty arena era she truly began putting it all together as the entitled doctor.

Bloody, Possessed Baker

In a match vs. Hikaru Shida in one of the first Dynamite episodes without fans, Baker had her nose busted open. When that happened, the camera caught a perfect view of Baker smiling with the blood pouring down her face. It was beyond possessed and made the dentist cooler and tougher in the eyes of many when she continued. This wasn’t a moment where others felt bad but a moment where the bully was punched in the face, but laughed it off. It was here where despite injury woes, she’d shake them off and only make herself better through them.

Role Model Rules w/ Britt Baker

When “The Role Model” welcomed the fans into her dental office, everything picked up for her. The segments only got better and this was also the debut of Rebel, who she continuously called Reba. You could hear Baker undermine Rebel in the back, making her act as though helping Baker is the best thing in the entire world, getting across the fact that she’s incredibly disingenuous. “The Rules of Being a Role Model” was introduced in her dental office and everyone can agree that is when she began to explode in this new character. With pictures of herself everywhere, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. explained that not everyone can live up to the role model role. Picking on glasses-wearing people, fat people, and bad teeth, she made it clear they could not fit that mold. And the seriousness she showed made it even better.

In her own office, she was really showing more character than ever before and a comfort level that she didn’t have before. She was making people hate her. Something many heels fail to do nowadays. Selfishness towards her “friends” like Rebel and Schiavone and the attack on everyday fans can be the easiest way to draw heat. The addition of her talking about herself all the time made it all the more satisfying anytime she had to face the music of her opponent. Being able to not wrestle and talk most weeks, it makes it oh so sweeter when she does actually have a match where someone can get her hands on her. This raw, out of her mind persona was only the beginning of her becoming AEW’s most must-watch star.

Becoming “The Roll Model”

Being “The Role Model” is one thing, but somehow “The Roll Model” has been even better. Britt Baker was hurt on the go-home episode to Double or Nothing when Nyla Rose was thrown onto her leg by Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida. It led to her being taken out of the match and being sidelined moving forward. Nothing holds her back though. In her first appearance since the injury, she explained the conspiracy against her and why it was all referee Aubrey Edwards’ fault. In a hilarious delivery, Baker explained the rule No. 3 was to not hurt “The Role Model.” As she sat in the wheelchair with the help of Schiavone and Rebel, she explained that hurting her was in the works for months and without her, there is no division. “You being an alien is a crock of sh*t,” Baker said regarding Statlander.

In a board of “web of evils”, it all drew back to being Edwards’ fault. The excellence of delivery on her part.

As recent as this week, Baker continues to make it work despite being out of action. A true characteristic of someone who is fully entrenched in their gimmick. Before appearing in front of the crowd, a video showed her working out and getting back into shape on the practice field. It was pure comedy as the delusional Baker manages to lock herself in as one of the best. In her bedazzled golf cart, aka the Roll’s Royce, Baker got in the face of Big Swole without even being in the ring. As Swole attempted to attack her for that, the cart backed up and out of the way with Baker screaming. It’s only getting better for Baker, who has found her calling.

Comparing Britt Baker To Other Top Talents In AEW (And Outside)

To be the must-see talent, you have to be better than the rest. In AEW, that is incredibly difficult considering the exhilarating talents from week to week. Without a specific feud, the doctor has managed to remain entertaining which is a credit to her. We will compare her to the other talents in AEW and one other, proving why Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is amongst the best talents every week.

Baker vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy may one of the most over talents in all of wrestling. That is a credit to his gimmick that has managed to really appeal to the crowd despite being so different. When comparing the “King of Sloth Style” to “The Role Model,” you understand how lucky the company is to have both. And while anytime Cassidy shows up is interesting, they haven’t let him completely be himself. The idea of letting him deliver in the segment after segment in his character is exciting, but it’s the reason he is not more must-see than Baker right now. He still has a lot of questions surrounding him.

When it comes to Baker, you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Any time she speaks, you know it will be something you want to hear. Both are excellent, but her segments carry more weight than Cassidy’s right now. That gives the dentist the leg up.

Baker vs. AEW’s Women Division

In-ring may be different, but when it comes to character development and the segments where it involves them speaking, Baker is above all. Now, a legitimate problem is that the company doesn’t give them much of a chance to talk outside of Baker, but none understand their character as much as she does either. Nor do they really have a character to understand. A lot of the time, it is them going to wrestle and leave. For Baker, it’s clearly the opposite and she is getting the credit she deserves by getting more and more opportunities to do it.

Baker vs. Darby Allin

At one time, Darby Allin was the most over talent in all of AEW outside of The Elite. It wasn’t even a question. However, since the company had to move on without fans due to COVID-19, it has not been the same. It has been almost the opposite for these two wrestlers. Allin has fallen in terms of excitement and popularity due to losses and some odd promos, while Baker has excelled in every single way you can think of. This isn’t to say Allin is in trouble by any means, but he has some work to do and Britt Baker is far more must-watch right now.

Non-AEW: Baker vs. Charlotte Flair

The competitor on Wednesday night is NXT. The premiere woman on NXT for the past few months has been Charlotte Flair and many would agree that it is a move that has only brought down the brand more. People stop watching when she is on the screen. Maybe because she has been shoved down the throat of fans for too long. Or because they want the new stars to rise on NXT, not someone who has won 10-plus championships already. Britt Baker is fresh and excellent. Perhaps the biggest difference between them is the idea that you want to see them both lose. However, in most Charlotte matches, you go in already defeated in your mind because the woman seems to never be on the losing side. Baker, on the other hand, gives you that clarity because wins and losses don’t necessarily mean the world to her and she is not seen as the best in-ring performer.

She isn’t even the champion yet. Imagine when Baker captures the AEW Women’s Championship. The amount of “Role Model Rules” could be unbearable but also the best part of the show at the same time. Soon enough the time will come. Until then, the injured one will remain far better than “The Queen”.

Dr. Baker’s Rise Moving Forward

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is only getting better as time goes on and when she returns from injury, she can become a menace in the ring as well. With the help of Rebel and her heelish ways, her rise to the top and to the AEW Women’s Championship is inevitable. She’s showing the world what she is made of and that has made her the best thing on AEW television. Who likes dentists anyways? That’s why this all works.

You can no longer deny her greatness and even if you do, she probably won’t care. The egocentric and self-obsessed doctor has shown what she stands for and her goals moving forward. Win at all costs and hurt anyone standing in her way. Even if they happen to be her so-called friends. Until she recovers from injury, she is going to get away with a lot, which will make her eventual comeuppance very sweet. She is a doctor who thinks believes she is better than everyone else. That’s a real-life character that most would hate anyways, fueling her all the more to be effective in this gimmick. While “The Role Model” is here to stay and flourish, the moment she can return to the ring and get her long-awaited beatdown will be so much sweeter. Truly a credit to Baker and the character that she has developed.

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