NOAH Faction Kongoh Invades DDT


In the era of Wrestling we live in now, we see partnerships across the globe. One of them that was established early on in 2020 was the partnership for DDT and Pro Wrestling NOAH. DDT has started running a weekly tv show recently and this on the most recent episode this partnership was on display as Kongoh invaded DDT.

One of the newest factions in Pro Wrestling NOAH is the faction known as “Kongoh”. This faction consists of members of NOAH’s Roster who weren’t the ideal NOAH star, guys who were often in a minimal position in the promotion. They are under the leadership of Kenoh and boasting members such as Masa Kitamiya and Manabu Soya. Kongoh has a love for the promotion of NOAH. Something of admiration and hope to see the promotion succeed in the future, even if the methods are very questionable. On DDT’s Recent Show, before the main event, the faction of Kongoh would make their first appearance for the promotion.

The entire faction came out and called out the owner Sanshiro Takagi, showcasing anger towards the new owner of NOAH, and Kenoh doesn’t think that Takagi has the motivation to make NOAH better. Accusing him of focusing more on DDT. Kenoh wants to protect NOAH is his own way through Kongoh and then Takagi came out with his rebuttal. Since Takagi is the president of Pro Wrestling NOAH and DDT he technically owns Kongoh and can order them to do anything. Takagi ordered a match against Kongoh at a later date.

The partnership of NOAH and DDT have been showcased in full force here. With a different storyline based around the new owners of NOAH. It can lead to a lot of different stories here. It might even be the start of many NOAH stars appearing for the promotion. With DDTs sights set on Peter Pan in the near future, we now have a DDT vs Kongoh match to look forward to.  With DDT having consistent shows, the hype for Peter Pan has become a truly exciting time for Puroresu Fans.

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