Casino Ladder Match: Who Should Win?

Double Or Nothing
Photo: AEW

At AEW’s upcoming Double Or Nothing event there will be a Casino Ladder Match to determine the future number one contender for the AEW Championship.  The field of nine competitors currently has eight confirmed participants with the final participant a mystery that will be revealed during the show.  We will take a look at the currently announced competitors and discuss who we think would be the best choices to come away with the win.

Orange Cassidy

Photo: AEW

When crowds were still able to attend events Orange Cassidy was regularly getting some of the best reactions on the show.  His match on AEW Dynamite this past week with Fenix was a reminder that he can have entertaining matches even without the energy provided by crowds.  Given his popularity Cassidy would be a really good choice to win the Casino Ladder Match to be a television challenger for the world title.  Whoever the champion is at the time will benefit from a match with Cassidy as Jon Moxley could let put his comedy side in a fun match or Brodie Lee could use it to further get over as a heel by destroying one of AEW’s biggest fan favorites.

Scorpio Sky

We’ve already seen Sky challenge for the AEW championship back when he lost to Chris Jericho.  AEW has recently been playing videos focusing on the SCU members journey to AEW and one has to believe they will lead somewhere.  Another title shot on TV would continue Sky’s story of being close but just not good enough and could set him up for a bigger win down the line.  Should Brodie Lee be champion then Sky makes perfect sense as the winner due to SCU’s history with Lee’s Dark Order.

Kip Sabian

AEW’s resident annoyance Kip Sabian has come into his own recently getting the chance to show off his cocky heel character that gained him buzz on the UK indie scene.  Sabian could make great use of a big win like this and no doubt wouldn’t shut up about it for weeks.  Similar to Cassidy he could be a great challenger for an episode of Dynamite for Moxley if he was between feuds.

The Mystery Entrant

Casino Ladder Match
Photo: AEW

The mystery entrant is easily the biggest wildcard in the match.  If it is a debuting or returning star then a victory in this match instantly catapults them to the top of the card and sets them up in a major feud right off the bat.  Some AEW debutants can fade into the background fast enough, just ask Colt Cabana, but with a win here AEW could make an instant impact with a new signing.

Of the nine-person field these are the best possible winners we can see.  For Darby Allin it may be too soon for him to get a big win given his streak of big losses, another of which could only hurt him more.  For Luchasaurus he needs to be protected so it would make sense to keep him out of the title picture until he can be a serious top contender.  Of course with the right story any of the nine entrants can win but from where we stand now the four chosen are the best possible choices.

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