#AndNEW: Moose Wins…TNA World Championship?

On Tuesday’s Night 2 of IMPACT Rebellionthe World title picture in IMPACT Wrestling got a little more clearer – and a little more confusing. It was revealed last week that Tessa Blanchard, the reigning IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion, was unable to make the tapings in Nashville, and another member of the planned triple threat Championship match, Eddie Edwards, was also unable to attend. That left only Michael Elgin remaining of the original match plans, and Elgin was determined to become the new World Champion. Last night at IMPACT RebellionMoose returned to IMPACT television wearing the TNA World Championship title and offered to put the belt up for grabs against Elgin. Former LAX member Hernandez demanded a shot as well, setting up a new triple threat match. Moose ended up defeating Hernandez in the match, declaring himself the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, seemingly setting up the TNA title as an interim World Championship until Tessa can defend her IMPACT World title down the road.

The TNA World Heavyweight Championship was originally created in May of 2007, following TNA’s breaking away from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and usage of their title lineage. Kurt Angle defeated Sting and NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage to become the inaugural TNA World Heavyweight Champion at TNA Sacrifice on May 13, 2007. Christian was stripped of the NWA World title that day due to TNA and NWA parting ways. During Lashley‘s fourth reign as World Champion in March of 2017, it was rebranded the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship, following the acquisition of TNA from Anthem Sports & Entertainment.

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