The Session Moth, The Bouncers & The Beer: A Love Triangle

Is there anything more awkward than love? Those fumbling times when one boy falls in love with the girl, the girl falls for his best friend instead, and the best friend just wants to keep loving his beer? It’s high school all over again. Well that tale-as-old-as-time has been playing out in Ring of Honor over the past few months, stemming from ROH’s signing of popular European indie star Session Moth Martina from Ireland last fall. Despite her late signing in 2019, it wouldn’t be until early 2020 that the Session Moth made her entrance into ROH (she had a three-month tour with Japan’s Stardom already booked).

Photo: Robyn Goding / Gorilla Position

The current alcohol-fuelled love story got its earliest start in early February, when Kevin Eck interviewed Session Moth Martina on the official ROH website ahead of her impending debut, where she was announced to face former Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai at ROH Free Enterprise. “Are you familiar with The Bouncers?” Eck asked Martina. “I know they’re always looking for a drinking buddy, but not a lot of people can keep up with them at the bar.” “I am indeed,” she replied. “I’ve been very excited to share a cold one with them, but they must know, the Irish are legendary drinkers. They may be about to meet their match!”

Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas

The following weekend at Free Enterprise in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bouncers – the rough and tumble beer-swilling tandem of “Brawler” Brian Milonas and Beer City Bruiser – finally crossed paths – and it wasn’t on the best of terms. Returning backstage to tackle the beer they’d left in their cooler, Beer City Bruiser discovered all their beer had been stolen. They soon discovered that Martina had consumed their entire cooler of its contents. While Bruiser was visibly upset, it lit a sparkle in Brian Milonas’ eye, as he marveled at her ability to drink so much beer.

Several weeks later at ROH Bound By Honor, Bruiser was trying to get Milonas motivated, but Milonas was busy trying to find a way to get Martina to notice him. Martina arrived and after being scolded by Martina, conned the Bouncers and stole all their beer once again. While Milanas was swooning over the Session Moth, Martina had eyes only for the Bruiser.

Martina had stolen the Bouncers’ beer for two consecutive ROH events and the following night at Gateway to HonorBrian Milonas hired two men to guard their beer. But while Bruiser argued with Milonas’ new security, Martina swooped in, beat up both men, and stole their beer yet again. While Bruiser continued to garner disdain towards the Irish import, her ability to defeat two men only made Brian fall deeper in love.

Nearly two weeks later, Brian Milonas decided he’d kept his feelings inside too long. He found Martina backstage and proceeded to tell her how he felt. The only problem was, Martina was passed out drunk and failed to hear anything Brian had said – only to wake up as Beer City Bruiser made his entrance. The inebriated Session Moth proceeded to try and bants the Bruiser.

A few days later, ROH was in Las Vegas, and as Beer City Bruiser traveled the casinos gambling and drinking, Martina followed him around everywhere he went.

But it seems that as Brian’s love grew deeper for the Session Moth, the Bruiser’s tough visage with Martina also began to soften. Soon the trio was appearing and drinking together at ROH events.

With the Bouncers and the Session Moth now working as a unit and apparently now all friends, Martina took to her Social Media to start a vlog about her personal workout and how she’s stayed so fit – a routine that has made her the wizard booze ninja that she is today.

Convinced that coolers with cans of beer were too easy a target for Martina, this past Friday the Bouncers decided to bring a keg backstage instead. Several ROH employees came round to try and lift the keg and bring it to ringside, but none could lift the keg of suds. But soon, Martina arrived on the scene and with the strength of Wonder Woman, hoisted the keg and departed once again with the beer, leaving Bruiser shaking his head and Brian Milonas full entrenched with his love for the Session Moth.

Will Brian ever win over Martina? Can the Session Moth show Beer City Bruiser she’s more than just a drunken face? Will Bruiser ever get to drink his damn beer? Tune into ROH TV – and the principal players’ Social Media accounts – to find out.

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