PWA Watch Party To Begin Airing On Twitch

PWA Watch Party

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing all live wrestling in Australia to take a hiatus the team behind Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) have found a new outlet for their craft.  The solution is that they will air PWA Watch Party on Twitch. 

Beginning this Friday night PWA will begin broadcasting PWA Watch Party on Twitch. These weekly streams will see two wrestlers providing live commentary and answering fan questions over matches from past events.

So far PWA have teased two potential episodes. The first being Caveman Ugg and Matty Wahlberg watching their historic PWA Championship clash from March 2019. Secondly, fans could see Jack J. Bonza and Mick Moretti giving insight to their incredible Fight For Black Metal clash, a match which has been regarded as one of the best in PWA history.

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Join PWA and their roster every Friday at 7pm over on Twitch